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Program: FIRST Robotics Competition
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The FIRST Technical Advisor Assistant (FTAA) for FIRST Robotics Competition is a key volunteer position. They help keep the FIRST Robotics Competition field and event running smoothly and work in collaboration with the FIRST Technical Advisor. The position requires a high level of responsibility and can impact the quality of the event.

*Must sign a Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement prior to start of service.


  • Strict adherence to the FIRST safety practices
  • Provide backup to the FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA)
  • Work with volunteers to monitor wireless communications and other aspects of the event using available diagnostic tools
  • Be aware of robot connection problems that arise and be ready to quickly diagnose and assist teams to assess and fix the problems
  • Assist teams with robot technical issues on-field including but not limited to robot connection issues
  • Review the Roles and Expectations document for the FTAA
  • Participate in training opportunities offered by FIRST
  • May be required to attend daily morning meeting conducted by Event Manager/Coordinator

Experience and Skills Needed

  • FIRST experience required; Understanding of event match cycles recommended
  • Must be post-high school or equivalent (minimum age of 19 at time of service)
    • Exceptions may be granted by event Volunteer Coordinators after review and approval by FIRST HQ
  • Familiarity or willingness to become familiar with the robot control system, robot diagnostic tools, robot wiring guidelines, Driver Station software, and Windows Networking settings
  • Should be ready to step in should the FTA become unavailable
  • Knowledge of the competition game and rules
  • Obtain a radio from event management office to keep aware of event information and issues, return it to office at end of day 
  •  Strong interpersonal/communication skills
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time and move about playing field

Volunteer Time Commitment

  • Pre-event Training calls
  • Setup day
  • Practice Day (if applicable)
  • Minimum 3 full day commitment

Note: Event schedules vary. Please check the event schedule and talk to your Volunteer Coordinator for detailed information on when you are expected to arrive. Volunteers should arrive on site 15-20 minutes prior to the start of every shift to allow time to check in at the Volunteer Registration table.


FTAA Trainer: Scott Goering

Training Conference Calls

Dial In Information:

Access Code: 519-585-333

Conference Calls:

  • Monday - February 17, 2020 - 9:00pm - 10:00pm ET
  • Monday - February 24, 2020 - 9:00pm - 10:00pm ET
  • Monday - March 2, 2020 - 9:00pm - 10:00pm ET
  • Monday - March 9, 2020 - 9:00pm - 10:00pm ET

 *An invitation to join the folder will be sent via email by the Trainer/FIRST HQ

Reporting Relationships and Supervision

  • Direct Supervision: FIRST Technical Advisor
  • On-Site Guidance: Volunteer Coordinator


* Must read and comply with the FIRST Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities