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Program: FIRST Robotics Competition
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The Volunteer Coordinator (VC) for FIRST Robotics Competition is a key volunteer position. Volunteer Coordinators, working with the Program Delivery Partner and/or Planning Committee, are responsible for recruiting, assigning, and managing volunteers at their assigned FIRST event. As a leadership volunteer position, there is a significant level of responsibility.

The Volunteer Coordinator is submitted by the Planning Committee via the Program Delivery Partner. Once submitted, the individual must be approved through FIRST HQ and the Chief Volunteer Coordinators. Once approved the candidate will be contacted and assigned by FIRST HQ. 

As a Volunteer Coordinator you agree to serve a role model for other volunteers by adhering to FIRST standards and following FIRST direction as noted in the policies and statements below:  


  • Complete FIRST’s Data Privacy and Protection Training
    • Maintain confidentiality of volunteer personal information in compliance with the FIRST Privacy Policy and User Agreement
  • Recruit and assign all volunteers in the FIRST Volunteer Management System by the deadlines set by FIRST
  • Participate in all required Volunteer Coordinator training provided by FIRST HQ
  • Read and review the files posted in the VC Box
  • Attend Planning Committee Meetings (as applicable)
  • Assist volunteers applying to the event, including Youth Protection Screening; Work with FIRST to resolve all registration issues
  • Work with key volunteers on recruitment for their teams (Judge Advisor, Head Referee, Lead Robot Inspector, etc.) 
  • Inform key volunteers of dates for training and ensure they have completed their training and/or certification before the deadline set by FIRST
  • Communicate with all volunteers (assigned and unassigned) pre-event, during the event, and post-event
  • Work with Program Delivery Partner/Planning Committee to produce the volunteer page for the event program book, as applicable
  • Order volunteer apparel and material through FIRST volunteer ordering site by the deadline set by FIRST - consult with local leadership before placing the order
  • Prepare all needed volunteer materials prior to the event (photocopies, name badges, registration paperwork, consent & release forms, walk-on forms, et al) 
  • One to two weeks before the start of your event, communicate with your event manager regarding your volunteer meals/headcount and special invited guest event
  • Communicate with the Event Manager and/or Program Delivery Partner about volunteer staffing concerns and/or issues
  • Must attend the daily meeting(s) conducted by Event Manager 

Experience and Skills Needed

  • Prior experience as a FIRST volunteer is preferred, but not required
  • Minimum age: 21
    • Exceptions may be granted by FIRST HQ
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (written and oral)
  • Proficient use of technology - email, navigation of websites, online forms, spreadsheets
  • Ability to supervise, manage, and evaluate volunteers
  • Ability to collaborate with others; work as a member of a team
  • Attention to detail
  • Physically active role, requires mobility

Volunteer Time Commitment

Pre-event Commitment

  • September-December: Approx. 10 hours per week
  • January - February: Approx. 15 hours per week
  • March - April: Approx. 20 hours per week
  • Pre-event training calls, emails, and slack updates

During Event Commitment

  • Setup Day (half day commitment)
  • Minimum 2 full day commitment (Districts)
  • Minimum 3 full day commitment (Regionals)

Note: Event schedules vary. Please check the event schedule and talk to your Program Delivery Partner for detailed information on when you are expected to arrive.  


Training occurs throughout the year from FIRST HQ. Training will be provided via regularly scheduled conference calls, email blasts, webinars, and written material.

Reporting Relationships and Supervision

Volunteer Coordinators work in partnership with FIRST staff and Program Delivery Partners (PDPs) to deliver a high-quality event experience to teams. VCs collaborate closely with event staff, FIRST staff, and PDPs to ensure a successful event. VCs may also consult with the Co-Chief VCs or FIRST staff on aspects related to their role responsibilities. 


* Must read and comply with the Volunteer Handbook