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How to Support FIRST® via FIRST Team Grants
A Resource and Q&A for FIRST Sponsors

Welcome to all things you need to know about FIRST Team Grants. The intent of this page is to serve as a resource for FIRST Sponsors who wish to fund FIRST teams across all programs via FIRST Team Grants. Please know that our team is always here to help answer any questions you may have and expand on any information you see below.

Supporting FIRST through FIRST Team Grants is great for employee engagement by getting your company’s employees involved as team mentors/coaches and volunteers. Sponsoring a team also increases brand recognition and puts your company in front of FIRST students all over the world.

Contact Information:

FIRST Team Grants:

  • For all inquiries related to existing FIRST team grants, the status of a team’s grant, or more information on how to fund FIRST teams via Team Grants.

FIRST Development Department:

  • For more information about how to support FIRST, FIRST teams and getting more involved.

FIRST Customer Service:

  • For inquiries on how to utilize a grant, registering a team, or general questions about FIRST and its programs.

Quick Links

Donor Intent Form (Coming Soon)

Team Information Spreadsheet with Pricing Matrix

Request a Regrant

Team Grants FAQ - for Teams

Team Grant Opportunities

**For more information about any of the links above, read below to see what they are utilized for**


How do I fund multiple FIRST teams through FIRST team grants?
Funding FIRST teams is simple! We do need to collect a few pieces of information about each team and program you intend to fund. Funding for team grants can be assigned in one of two ways:

  1. You (Sponsor) selects teams and communicates to FIRST the following information using the Team Information Spreadsheet:
    1. FIRST Program
    2. Unique Team Number
    3. Team State
    4. Team Country
    5. Grant Type and Amount (varies by program)
  2. FIRST selects teams from Headquarters managed team grants (FIRST® Robotics Competition New Team Grant, FIRST Robotics Competition Sustainability Grant, FIRST® Tech Challenge Rookie Grant, and others)

Once team numbers are confirmed, the funds are uploaded to the team’s account by the FIRST Stewardship Team.

  • In order to provide all information needed to process the grant, please utilize the Team Information Spreadsheet and send the completed template to your contact on the Stewardship Team.

How do we pick the teams to sponsor?

  1. Sponsors often pick teams directly, using their own applications.
  2. FIRST can host a grant application, with additional administrative support.
  3. Work with a local Program Delivery Partner to determine local teams in need of funding.
  4. Designate funding toward a pooled grant, such as the FIRST Robotics Competition New Team Grant, FIRST Robotics Competition Sustainability Grant, or FIRST Tech Challenge Rookie Grant
  5. Your team grant opportunity may also be listed on the Team Grants Opportunities page. 

Types of FIRST Team Grants and Restrictions:

FIRST Program




  • Ages 4-16
  • Registration
  • Product (LEGO Education Robot Kit)

Unrestricted funds are for United States FIRST Robotics Competition TEAMS ONLY:
Any other miscellaneous team expenses (local event fees, additional robot materials and tools, travel expenses, etc). FRC Teams can request a regrant from FIRST in the amount of the grant.

In addition to restricted options, teams can request to receive the funds as a check or "regrant" to use for other miscellaneous expenses.

FIRST Tech Challenge

  • Grades 7-12
  • Registration
  • Product (Robot Kit and other parts ordered through PITSCO)

FIRST Robotics Competition

  • Grades 9-12
  • Registration


FIRST Team Grant Opportunities by Location

FIRST Team Grant Opportunities by Location for FIRST Class Packs

Interested in Providing Unrestricted funds to FIRST Teams Outside of North America?
Please connect with your contact at FIRST for more information. 

Donor Intent Forms are Required for Grant Allocation
Filling out a Donor Intent Form is required for all FIRST Team Grants. This documentation helps FIRST understand how your funds are intended to be utilized and includes information on what will happen to unused team grant funds at the end of each season.

Please send completed donor intent forms to or directly to your main FIRST point of contact on the Development or Stewardship Team.

Please note that all donations to FIRST are subject for review according to the FIRST Gift Acceptance Policy.

What happens if a team is having difficulty utilizing their grant?

  1. Teams can contact if they have questions regarding their current or expected team grant status.
  2. Teams with questions regarding registration, payment, or their Dashboard should contact our Operations Department at

Access to FIRST Reporting Information

One of the benefits of being a FIRST Sponsor is receiving reports on the teams your organization sponsors! Reports may include demographic information, event performance, awards won, etc.

  1. FIRST is able to report on team demographic information based on self-reported information collected via our registration system (subject to limitations in FIRST Privacy Policy)
  2. Team event information and award/performance details (For FIRST Robotics Competition teams only)