FIRST Brand and Logo Files

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Jul. 18 2016

FIRST Brand Guidelines and Logos

Top 5 Myths of Teaching STEM in the Classroom - Infographic

Content Type: FIRST General
Jun. 10 2016

Learn more about the top 5 myths about teaching STEM from this infographic

Workshops and Conferences

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May. 20 2016

Archive of past FIRST Championship Conference presentations

Fundraising Resources

Content Type: FIRST Tech Challenge
Nov. 13 2015

Collection all of our most helpful fundraising resources in one place to help your team be successful fundraisers.

Team Outreach and Marketing Resources

Content Type: FIRST Tech Challenge
Nov. 06 2015

This sections contains resources to assist teams in their FIRST Tech Challenge outreach and marketing efforts. 

Regional and District Planning Guides

Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition
Sep. 28 2015

This page contains the links to the FIRST Robotics Competition District and Regional Planning Guides.

Facts About FIRST mini-brochure

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Aug. 03 2015

Build awareness with a convenient, wallet-size piece about FIRST, its programs, scope, and impact.

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