In FIRST LEGO League Explore, every team and team member’s achievements are celebrated!

Official FIRST LEGO League Explore Festivals are held by our partners around the world. Every team is recognized at a Festival for the work they have completed. Some partners opt to give each team a named award as well, though this is not required.

Sample Awards

Amazing Movement Award- For corporating a unique movement into a team’s design.

Gracious Professionalism Award- For exemplifying gracious professionalism during the event. This team was thoughtful, kind, and showed respect for others.

Against All Odds Award- For overcoming incredible odds of an unforeseen nature. This team was able to improvise, adapt, and recover out of sheer determination.

Effort and Learning Award- For a strong effort and a willingness to learn and try new things. This team prepared for success.

Complexity and Decoration Award- For beautiful model construction, with great decorative touches.

Most Explosive Award- For explosive ideas, eye-catching team poster, and explosive team energy.

Robust Design Award- The team whose understanding and application of construction knowledge allowed them to produce the most solid and sturdiest design.

Construction Innovation Award- For demonstrating an ability to think creatively. This team created excellent designs and built quality components without any instructions or outside assistance.

Team Spirit Award- For a fun team environment, a positive attitude, and constant team support and cheering.

Teamwork Award- For hard work on teamwork. Success as a team came first. Always first to a team solution, this team knows that Together Everyone Achieves More.

Inquiring Minds- For interest in science and enjoyment of the building process. Always looking to find a solution, this team kept morale up while creating smart solutions.