Pricing & Payment

The fees on this page are for teams in the U.S. and Canada.  Fees outside the U.S. and Canada are set by our regional Partners and may vary.  If you are from outside the U.S. and Canada, please visit our Global Website to connect with your regional Partner.

Registration fee does not include admission to a team Expo, nor does it guarantee that there are Partner run Expos in your region.  Partners may charge a fee to attend their Expos, those fees are set and collected locally to run the program.

Teams are required to use WeDo beginning August, 2017. Teams are welcome to purchase WeDo products from our vendors by clicking the "Order Product" button on the Dashboard (which will appear after registration has been completed).  

2017-2018 AQUA ADVENTURESM Product Pricing

*Pricing is reflected in USD. Canadian teams will be charged based on currency conversion rates.

Payment Terms

U.S. $ Price
LEGO Ed. Item #
Canada $ Price
Spectrum Item #
B & B Item #
Team Registration $99.00   variable, depending on exchange rate    
Season Pass - Small $895.00   variable, depending on exchange rate    
Season Pass - Large $1750.00   variable, depending on exchange rate    
Items available for purchase after registration by clicking on the "Order Product" button on the Dashboard
Community Minifigure Set $46.95 45022 Canadian pricing TBD    
Creative LEGO Brick Set $59.95 45020      
Gray Baseplate $14.99 10701      
WeDo 2.0 Core Set $167.15 45300      
WeDo 2.0 Medium Motor $22.95 45303      
WeDo 2.0 Motion Sensor $22.95 45304      
WeDo 2.0 Tilt Sensor $22.95 45305      
WeDo 2.0 Smart Hub $61.95 45301      
WeDo 2.0 Smart Hub Rechargeable Battery $61.95 45302      
Transformer 10V DC $30.95 45517      
WeDo 2.0 Add-On Power Pack $87.95 5004838      
       WeDo 2.0 Smart Hub 45302
       Transformer 10V DC 45517
FIRST LEGO League Jr. WeDo 2.0 Set $249.95 5005204    


Taxes will be applied as required.

U.S. Shipping Options & Rates
Canada Shipping Rates: Information coming soon