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FIRST Championship District Allocations

Dec 14, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


On Saturday, we took a snapshot of ‘secured’ teams from the Districts and FIRST Robotics Competition overall. Teams are ‘secured’ if they have either paid their registration fee or have provided us with a purchase order or letter of commitment from a grantor or sponsor formally committing to payment.

We used this snapshot to allocate FIRST Championship slots to Districts, as described in this blog. We use secured teams for these calculations rather than simply all teams that are currently registered and waitlisted for events as we have great confidence that secured teams will actually be participating this year. While we continue to work to secure teams, we have less confidence those teams not yet secured will actually be participating this season.  

If you are interested in seeing the details on the calculation use to allocate these slots, click here.


These allocations were shared with District management on Monday. You can see them below. Recall that these FIRST Championship slots are guaranteed to Districts. Should a given team ‘in the green’ for attending Championship decline the invitation, the highest ranked not-yet-invited team for that District gets an invite, and on down the line until all slots are filled or the District runs out of teams.


FIRST Championship, Houston

Allocated Slots

FIRST Israel


FIRST North Carolina


Pacific Northwest





FIRST Championship, St. Louis

Allocated Slots

FIRST Chesapeake


FIRST in Michigan


Indiana FIRST


Mid-Atlantic Robotics


New England






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