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Defense, Drones, and LEGOs

Feb 06, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick.



New England Defense meme FIRST STEAMWORKS 2017

Photo Credit: USA Today


For folks who saw the Super Bowl yesterday, watched the halftime show with Lady Gaga, and were wondering about the light show using drones at the start, check out more info here. This is pretty neat. (OK, that part of the show was pre-recorded, but still…)



Check it out! The group that last year brought you FIRST STRONGHOLD in LEGO is back with the FIRST STEAMWORKS version! Great work, folks!

Check out a few images below. You can help make this set become a reality by clicking the blue ‘Support’ button on the right side of the page linked above. You’ll need to register with the site first, but it’s pretty painless. If we can reach 10,000 supporters, LEGO will consider making this set commercially available. How cool would that be!

LEGO FIRST STEAMWORKS Airship model 2017

LEGO FIRST STEAMWORKS full field model 2017

Plus, the intention is still to include Dean and Woodie minifigs!

LEGO Woodie Dean Minifigs in FIRST STEAMWORKS kit 2017

And, there’s still time to support the original FIRST STRONGHOLD set. We have over 2,500 supporters for that set right now, and if everyone reading this becomes a supporter and invites two friends, who also invite two friends, etc, we’ll be over in no time!


Hope everyone is enjoying (is that the right word?) the last few weeks of build season!


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