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Nov 14, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


Fundraising Toolkit Video Series

Fundraising is a skill that will serve you well in much of your life, in FIRST and out.  Check out the new Fundraising Toolkit Video series, along with lots of other great resources here, to help you on your way.  

A huge thanks to Argosy Foundation for funding these new videos!


Behind The Lines: Episode 4

The next episode on Behind The Lines is "A Problem Solving Approach to Drivetrain Design", airing live on The 60-minute show starts at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, November 16th. Our friends at GameSense will be joined by Clinton Bolinger, mentor of FRC Team 2337, EngiNERDs, and Nick Lawrence, mentor of FRC Team 3940, CyberTooth, to discuss all things drivetrain.

Viewers are invited to join the conversation by asking questions in the chat, some of  which will be answered during the second half of the show.  You’ll finally be able to get life-altering answers to those critical questions: "When is the right time to use Kiwi drive?", "What's Lobster drive?", and finally “Is Cthulhu drive real, or a spectral product of our darkest imaginings?”*


2017 FIRST Championship Eligibility Criteria

Posted recently here. Should be no surprises, but it has been updated for 2017.


Media and Technology Innovation Award

The Media and Technology Innovation Award, which had been presented for several years at Championship, will not be available for the 2017 season, as we have other priorities on which we are focusing.  We may consider reviving it, or something similar, for the 2018 season, however.      



*Something, something, tentacles.

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