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Initial Event Registration and Teaser Sharing

Sep 21, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


Initial Event Registration

Just a quick reminder that initial event registration begins at Noon Eastern Time tomorrow, September 22. Need help navigating the new system? Check out this page. Lots of events fill up quickly, so don’t get caught napping!


Teaser Sharing

The response to the 2017 FRC teaser has been great! As of this writing, less than 24 hours after release, combined views between the Facebook video and the YouTube video have exceeded 94,000. Of course, many of those views are likely repeat viewings, with folks looking for any little clues they can find in the video, pausing, restarting, backing up, going full screen, etc. Still, that’s a pretty good view count, and we do seem to be getting a good number of likes/thumbs-up to go along with it.

If you liked the teaser, how about sharing it? We’ve already seen many shares from the FIRST Facebook page, but more would be even better! The teaser is intended to be engaging not just to folks who already know about FIRST and FIRST Robotics Competition, but to others as well, so please help spread the word! Who knows, you may be the person to start someone on a lifelong passion!

BTW, rumors that FIRST has discovered the long-lost original black and white version of the teaser deep within the FIRST vaults are unfounded. While having this version, rumored to be 2 minutes longer, and sometimes referred to as the ‘Director’s Cut’, would be wonderful, all we have is a single, scratched, grainy frame from that original film, which you can see below:

2017 FIRST Robotics Competition Teaser image black and white


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