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How Are We Doing, DeejayKnight, and How to Tell if a Team is in Your Hotel

Mar 28, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.




How Are We Doing?

Like we’ve done the last few years, I wanted to provide a snapshot of the feedback we’ve received on the game.

Here are the results from the Week 3 events survey on the ‘game quality’ question. Week 3 is the most recent complete data set we have, as Week 4 surveys are still open.

FIRST Robotics Competition Week 3 2018 Results

We often will group the ‘Very Poor’ and ‘Poor’ responses together, and call that ‘Unfavorable,’ and the ‘Good’ and ‘Very Good’ responses together and call that ‘Favorable.’ From this perspective, Week 3 attendees responding to the survey gave FIRST POWER UP a 2% ‘Unfavorable’ rating and an 89% ‘Favorable’ rating.

For Week 1, we had a 2% ‘Unfavorable’ rating and an 86% ‘Favorable’ rating. The positive shift from Week 1 to Week 3 is less than we’ve seen in the last few years, which I think is a good thing. We’d like game ratings to be consistent (and high) from the start of the season to the end.



Join FIRST and Twitch Partner DeejayKnight on the FIRST Twitch channel on Saturday, March 31 as we visit FIRST Tech Challenge team “SF Robotics” in Wisconsin! The team will show Deejay the robot they built for a young girl named Vivian who has a congenital neurological disorder, and then everyone will participate in a 90-minute FIRST Tech Challenge build session. Check it out starting at 11 AM ET on March 31!


How To Tell if a Team is in Your Hotel (without leaving the room)

When I travel to events during the regular season, I typically stay in the same hotels FIRST Robotics Competition teams use. It helps me understand the kind of experience they are having, and it’s nice to run into teams in the hallways or at breakfast. I also kind of like hearing all the noise and excitement associated with sharing a hotel with a team, as long as the noise doesn't keep me up too far past my old man bedtime.*

I was at a team hotel last weekend for the Greater Pittsburgh Regional. I knew it was a team hotel, even without leaving the room, just by looking at the WiFi networks available:

FIRST Robotics Competition Wifi SSID Water Game




* 9:30 PM. OK, ok, 8:30 PM. And you kids get off my lawn!!!

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