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Ethics; the Challenge We Need to Win!

Jan 24, 2019 This is a special message from Woodie Flowers Award winner Liz Calef, on behalf of the Woodie Flowers Awards winners.




We have an opportunity to help our students change their world and change their culture. It is difficult to grow up in the world we have given our children. The social challenges are difficult and hurtful to many. We have a chance to help them make better choices, think about their decisions to come, and help them be proud to choose to do the right thing. Gracious Professionalism is our mantra and our guide. Please help us pass this along to our new mentors and team members. Help them understand what makes FIRST so special to its founders and veteran teams. We need to be careful to preserve what is special about FIRST.  

Teams are creating a framework for their teams that outline their expectations for each team member. They have defined Gracious Professionalism and outlined how students should tailor their behavior to the situations that FRC teams experience.  

For further clarification by Woodie and team examples, please refer to the WFA website ethics page.




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