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Fundraising and Sponsor Thanks

Aug 17, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.




All FIRST teams need money. Love and compassion are wonderful but you can’t build robots from them*.


Did you know FIRST has a fundraising toolkit to help you raise the money you need for your team? Check it out here! Lots of good info plus plenty of examples to learn from. If you want to be successful in your fundraising, you need a plan, just like if you want to be successful with your robot, you need a plan.


Also, if you are a public or public charter school teacher in the USA, partial funding for FIRST Robotics Competition team materials is now available thanks to News Corp and Teachers can receive funding for robot parts, tools, 3D printers, or other team materials. Check it out here.


Thank you card Example from FIRST Robotics Competition Team 5024 Raider Robotics

Here's a great example of a Thank You Card from FIRST Robotics Competition Team 5024, Raider Robotics, London, Ontario, Canada.

Sponsor Thanks

Already have some sponsors for this season? Don’t forget to thank them! Sponsors love hearing that their investment is making a difference. Want to learn some good ways to do this? Check out the video below, which just so happens to be the fourth video in the fundraising toolkit mentioned above.

We’re making great progress on the 2019 game and can’t wait to reveal it to the community in January!




*You can build robots with them, but not from them.

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