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More Chances to Work at FIRST

Aug 22, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



Having a job at FIRST is awesome! FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST has job openings! If you have education or experience that would support IT, Sourcing, Sales, Non-Profit Development or the FIRST Programs, we may have something for you. Check out this list of current openings:

  • Applications Software Developer
  • Electrical Engineering Technician, FIRST Robotics Competition
  • Program Coordinator, FIRST Tech Challenge
  • School Engagement Specialist
  • Senior Applications Software Developer
  • Sourcing Specialist (Program Logistics)
  • Sourcing Specialist (Promotional & Special Projects)
  • Sourcing Specialist (Sourcing & International Logistics)
  • Stewardship Manager

And see the details here!


Working at FIRST has its ups and downs just like working at any other organization, but at the end of the day, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your job is making a positive difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people around the world. That’s a pretty awesome job to have! I can tell you for me, personally, even ten years after I started, working at FIRST is still the best job I can imagine.


You might end up feeling that way too! Come join us!



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