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Camera Troubleshooting and How Are We Doing?

Mar 07, 2019 Written by Frank Merrick.



Camera Trouble Shooting

In Team Update 16, we noted that some teams were having trouble using their cameras, particularly if they were using LabVIEW on their robots. Our friends at National Instruments have published an updated dashboard, as well as a troubleshooting guide, to help with this issue. You can find the troubleshooting guide and updated dashboard here.

We’re very sorry this issue occurred. The good news is initial reports from the field are that installing the updated dashboard and following the troubleshooting guide takes care of most issues.


How Are We Doing?

Preliminary survey data from week one of competition shows Destination: Deep Space presented by The Boeing Company is being well received, with about 4% of respondents rating the game quality as poor or very poor, and slightly more than 82% of respondents rating the game quality as good or very good. See the graph below. We’ll provide an update to this data later in the season.

Overall Quality Results FIRST Robotics Competition Destination Deep Space

I’m currently at the Rock City Regional in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we have 59 Teams competing, including an amazing 18 Rookies! And the support our Veteran teams are giving our Rookie teams is wonderful! The Rookie pits are swarmed with Veterans getting them up to speed; it’s terrific to see, and I’ll bet these Rookie teams are in for an experience they will never forget.



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