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PLAYxPLAY and Event Streams

Feb 27, 2019 Written by Frank Merrick.




Check out live action and reports from the field, along with in-depth analysis on PLAYxPLAY, our new show on FIRSTtv , every Saturday from Noon to 8 PM Eastern Time, right here. The first episode is this Saturday, March 2, with action being reported from Week 1 events!


Event Streams

See the list of Regional webcasts available on here. Or you can find a link on the Regional events results page, like this. Please don’t repost our twitch stream content, though. Individual matches will be immediately posted to our YouTube channel, and once the event is over, the live Twitch channel links on the events results page will switch to the archived Twitch links.


If you want to watch District events, check out the list on The Blue Alliance.


I can’t believe it’s already time for Week 1! I’m so excited!



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