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Teaser Release and a Free Registration!

Sep 12, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.


Teaser Release

Teaser Time! FIRST Robotics Competition Teaser is Coming!

Oh man.


I just watched the FIRST Robotics Competition 2019 season teaser for probably the tenth time, and I got goosebumps. It’s epic!


And you will get to see it soon! Tune in to FIRST TV at 7 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 18 for the teaser reveal show! We’ll be having some fun with special guests in the lead up to the big reveal. More information about the teaser can be found here.


And as usual, this is a great opportunity for a team party. Get your team together to watch the teaser and look for clues* to DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE!


A Free Registration

Last week, we talked about the event preferencing system opening on September 20. That’s only a week away! Is your team ‘Event Ready,’ meaning you’ve completed all the tasks necessary to submit your preferences? I hope so! Not only will this make sure you don’t miss the boat this season, but (drumroll), if you are ‘Event Ready’ by Noon Eastern Time on September 20, you will be eligible for a chance to receive a free 2019 registration!


We will randomly pick one team that is ‘Event Ready’ by that deadline to receive a FIRST HQ sponsored grant to cover their FIRST Robotics Competition registration fee for the 2019 season. That will be a pretty nice little something for one team just for doing what they should be doing anyway.

I’m so excited about this teaser!




*I am not saying there are clues in the teaser. I am not saying there are no clues in the teaser. Regardless, you can look.

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