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2021 Motors, Controllers, and MXP Boards

Nov 19, 2020 Written by Kevin O'Connor, Senior Robotics Engineer, FIRST Robotics Competition




While we know this unique season may mean that many teams are not following their usual pattern of stocking up in preparation for Kickoff, we still want to help you make informed decisions by letting you know what actuator controllers, MXP boards, and motors will be legal this season. We have one new legal motor to add to the list this year. All other legal devices remain the same as the lists found in R27, R29, and R69-C of the 2020 INFINITE RECHARGE Game and Season Manual.

REV Robotics HD Hex Motor

The HD Hex Motor from REV Robotics is a low power 550 style motor with an integrated encoder that is also legal in FIRST Tech Challenge. You can learn more about this motor on the product page for the HD Hex Motor or the Ultraplanetary gearbox.

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