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At Home Challenge Submissions

Mar 01, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition



icons representing the three at home challenges

We’re so excited to see what FIRST Robotics Competition teams submit for their At Home Challenges this week!

As a reminder, your At Home Challenge submissions for INFINITE RECHARGESM at Home, The Game Design Challenge, and the FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm are all due this Thursday, March 4th at 3pm Eastern Time. Please take note of that date, time, and time zone*, as submissions won’t be accepted after then, and if you don’t submit, you won’t be able to interview for those challenges. Those who opt-in to the INFINITE RECHARGE at Home Skills Competition by March 4th at 3pm will have until April 8th at 3pm ET to get their scores and videos uploaded, but those teams still need to opt-in and submit for the Judging component by that March 4th date and time!

If you need help navigating the system, check out this helpful quick start guide and the FAQ. If you need technical support, please send an email to but other questions should be directed to Team Support. You can also call Team Support at (800) 871-8326.

Worried that your submission won’t quite be ready in time? Please submit by the deadline anyway! Think of your submission as  a scholarship application - there's no wrong answer, there's no downside, and you're only opening yourself up to good stuff happening. But, if you don't apply on time, there's no chance you'll be considered!

It’s a big week for FRC!


*Wondering what 3pm Eastern Time on March 4th is in your time zone? Enter your city here.

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