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May 17, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition




This Saturday, May 22 at 12 pm Eastern Time on FIRSTtv, we will be holding an awards show and celebration to announce the 20 Game Design Challenge Finalists and reveal their game design concepts. You will be able to see a little something about each concept and listen to special guests share an overview. If finalist teams submitted videos, you’ll get to see those too! And who knows, a game design from one of these finalists, or something similar, could show up as the FIRST Robotics Competition game in a coming year ;)

These 20 Finalists were selected from the 90 Designer’s Award and Concept Award winners we had from this season’s Game Design Challenge. And I’ll tell you, the submissions were so good we had a VERY hard time deciding!

Here’s the list of teams that made our jobs so hard:

Team Number Team Name Location Award Game Name Group
4 Team 4 ELEMENT Van Nuys, California USA Concept Rainforest Revival Fluorine
8 Paly Robotics Palo Alto, California USA Concept Mining Mania Oxygen
33 Killer Bees Auburn Hills, Michigan USA Concept Rainforest Resupply Technetium
85 B.O.B. (Built on Brains) Zeeland, Michigan USA Concept Subterranean Showdown Arsenic
180 S.P.A.M. Stuart, Florida USA Concept Rise From Ruins Lithium
195 CyberKnights Southington, Connecticut USA Designer's Treasure Quest Molybdenum
296 Northern Knights Montreal, Québec Canada Concept Climate Crisis Titanium
302 The Dragons Lake Orion, Michigan USA Concept Operation Data Driven - Agents for STEM Scandium
341 Miss Daisy Ambler, Pennsylvania USA Concept HyperHive Sodium
449 The Blair Robot Project Silver Spring, Maryland USA Designer's PIRATE'S PLUNDER Krypton
461 Westside Boiler Invasion West Lafayette, Indiana USA Concept PROJECT: CHAIN REACTION Selenium
501 The PowerKnights Manchester, New Hampshire USA Designer's Scarab Scramble Zinc
503 Frog Force Novi, Michigan USA Designer's Micro Mayhem Copper
694 StuyPulse New York, New York USA Designer's Rhythm Remix Beryllium
708 Hatters Robotics Horsham, Pennsylvania USA Designer's Rumble in the Jungle Technetium
846 The Funky Monkeys San Jose, California USA Designer's FIRST Carnival Cobalt
870 TEAM R. I. C. E. Southold, New York USA Designer's "OPERATION SAFEGUARD" Argon
900 The Zebracorns Durham, North Carolina USA Designer's Farming Frenzy Silicon
1073 The Force Team Hollis, New Hampshire USA Designer's SHIPWRECKED Yttrium
1296 Full Metal Jackets Rockwall, Texas USA Concept Western Rush Rhodium
1306 BadgerBOTS Middleton, Wisconsin USA Designer's Cargo Clash Phosphorus
1318 Issaquah Robotics Society Issaquah, Washington USA Concept Operation Outpost Aluminium
1410 The Kraken Denver, Colorado USA Designer's Pirate Plunder Zirconium
1501 Team THRUST Huntington, Indiana USA Concept Hazmat Hustle Zinc
1511 Rolling Thunder Penfield, New York USA Concept Chrono Chaos Cobalt
1619 Up-A-Creek Robotics Longmont, Colorado USA Designer's Air Affair Magnesium
1678 Citrus Circuits Davis, California USA Designer's Storm Surge Niobium
1868 Space Cookies Mountain View, California USA Designer's Bio Breakthrough Oxygen
1885 ILITE Robotics Haymarket, Virginia USA Concept FIRST®: Legacy of Tomorrow Carbon
1899 Saints Robotics Bellevue, Washington USA Concept Firefighting Frenzy Beryllium
1983 Skunk Works Robotics Seattle, Washington USA Designer's Monkey Madness Ruthenium
2096 RoboActive Dimona, HaDarom Israel Concept RAISE SAILS Neon
2129 Ultraviolet Minneapolis, Minnesota USA Designer's Renewable Resilience Carbon
2168 Aluminum Falcons Groton, Connecticut USA Concept FIRST Thunderation Hydrogen
2220 Blue Twilight Eagan, Minnesota USA Concept Pirate Pandemonium Germanium
2370 IBOTS Rutland, Vermont USA Designer's Hive Mind Chlorine
2410 Blue Valley CAPS Metal Mustang Robotics Overland Park, Kansas USA Designer's Wild West Wrangle Sodium
2415 WiredCats Atlanta, Georgia USA Designer's Linked Together Fluorine
2473 Goldstrikers Cupertino, California USA Concept Reef Relief Molybdenum
2500 Herobotics Minneapolis, Minnesota USA Concept FIRST RESPONDERS Ruthenium
2522 Royal Robotics Bothell, Washington USA Designer's Project Polar Arsenic
2526 Crimson Robotics Osseo, Minnesota USA Designer's CATASTROPHE CLEANUP Germanium
2607 The Fighting RoboVikings Warminster , Pennsylvania USA Designer's Aftershock Potassium
2630 Thunderbolts Emek hefer, HaMerkaz Israel Concept RANGER DANGER Chlorine
2706 Merge Robotics Kanata, Ontario Canada Concept Save Our Species Helium
2767 Stryke Force Kalamazoo, Michigan USA Concept Shop Til You Drop Strontium
2791 Shaker Robotics Latham, New York USA Concept Jungle Harvest Krypton
2811 StormBots Vancouver, Washington USA Concept FIRST Mining Mayhem Bromine
2992 The S.S. Prometheus Mandeville, Louisiana USA Concept Volcanic Panic Niobium
3005 RoboChargers Dallas, Texas USA Designer's Midway Mayhem Strontium
3042 Cobalt Catalysts Apple Valley, Minnesota USA Concept Mission: Classified Nickel
3061 Huskie Robotics Naperville, Illinois USA Concept Operation Radiation Manganese
3128 Aluminum Narwhals San Diego, California USA Concept CYBER CONTROL Sulfur
3158 PrepaTec - TECBOT Toluca, Mexico Mexico Designer's Dimension Evasion Neon
3256 WarriorBorgs San Jose, California USA Concept FIRST Responders Gallium
3316 D-Bug Tel Aviv, Tel-Aviv Israel Designer's Pirate Plunder Scandium 
3322 Eagle Imperium Ann Arbor, Michigan USA Concept Ultimate Pancake Calcium
3501 Firebots Sunnyvale, California USA Designer's Fossil Frenzy Selenium
3794 Tecmilenio WinT  METEPEC, Mexico Mexico Designer's Royal Circus Nickel
3847 Spectrum -△◅ Houston, Texas USA Designer's "Roll Up" Calcium
3928 Team Neutrino Ames, Iowa USA Designer's CyberSpace Aluminium
4089 Stealth Robotics Duvall, Washington USA Concept Underground Extraction Vanadium
4150 FRobotics Murrysville, Pennsylvania USA Concept Dungeons & Robots Silicon
4159 CardinalBotics San Francisco, California USA Concept DNA Dash Magnesium
4180 Iron Riders Seattle, Washington USA Concept  Dragon Defense Nitrogen
4191 IMC Kocaeli, Kocaeli Turkey Designer's FIRST Cyberaction Lithium
4201 The Vitruvian Bots El Segundo, California USA Designer's Set Sail Hydrogen
4342 Demon Robotics Kennett Square, Pennsylvania USA Concept  Harvest Copper
4403 PrepaTec - PEÑOLES - ROULT Torreon, Coahuila Mexico Designer's Relic Recovery Rhodium 
4488 Shockwave Hillsboro, Oregon USA Designer's CHAIN REACTION Boron
4505 McDonogh Robotics Owings Mills, Maryland USA Designer's Carnival Chaos Helium
4541  CAV-ineers Severn, Maryland USA Concept Cyclone Yttrium
4616 Team Pharaohs San Diego, California USA Designer's Treasure Trove Manganese
4635 PrepaTec - Botbusters Monterrey, Nuevo León Mexico Designer's Ghost Town Titanium
4915 Spartronics Bainbridge Island, Washington USA Concept Sprout Bout Chromium
4967 That ONE Team-OurNextEngineers Belmont, Michigan USA Concept Tropical Treasure Phosphorus
5406 Celt-X Hamilton, Ontario Canada Concept TOMORROWTAG Rubidium
5414 Pearadox Pearland, Texas USA Designer's Pollination Panic Bromine
5457 Falcobots Burlington, New Jersey USA Designer's The Chain Factory Chromium
5708 Zebrotics Ann Arbor, Michigan USA Concept Forest Force Boron
5857 Walnut Valley Robotics Walnut, California USA Designer's Operation SubZero Sulfur
5871 Chickadees Boise, Idaho USA Concept FIRST: High-Seas Showdown Argon
6024 R Factor Mumbai, Maharashtra India Concept FLASH FORWARD Zirconium
6515 Unimatics Calexico, California USA Concept Treasures of the Lost City Potassium
6544 A-Team Robotics Amherstburg, Ontario Canada Designer's R^3 H2O Vanadium
6622 Stan Robotix Outremont, Québec Canada Concept Timeless Temple Iron
6662 FalconX Pleasant Hill, California USA Designer's Habitat Restoration Nitrogen
8027 Not the Droids You Are Looking For Sharon, Pennsylvania USA Designer's FIRST Responders Rubidium
8069 Super Hornets Saint Charles, Missouri USA Designer's Gro-Mars Gallium
8096 Cache Money Chicago, Illinois USA Designer's Foliage Frenzy Iron

As if this wasn’t enough, during the show, we’ll also celebrate the 20 Finalists for the FIRST Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm.  These finalists have already been notified, as they have much work to do getting ready for the 2021 FIRST Global Innovation Awards powered by Star Wars: Force for Change, but we wanted to be sure to celebrate them as well. Congratulations to our Finalists, listed below!

Team Number Team Name Region Group FIRST Innovation Challenge Title
8 Paly Robotics Greater San Francisco Bay Region Cobalt SightWalk
172 Northern Force NE FIRST District Vanadium The Seeing Wall
900 The Zebracorns FIRST North Carolina District Scandium Insoul
971 Spartan Robotics Greater San Francisco Bay Region Iron T.E.A.R. (Testing and Evaluating ACL Risks)
1374 Amped Up FIRST Ontario District Chromium Dean’s Arm
2554 The WarHawks FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Manganese VisualEyes
3616 Team Phenomena Southeastern Region Phosphorus Pheno-Advance 3616
3792 The Army Ants MoKan Region Boron SPOCKS (Sensor Platform for Orthopedic Compliance after Knee Surgery)
4253 Raid Zero Pacific Region Vanadium NATASHA (Neural-Network Augmented Therapy Assistance Stroke Healing Approach)
4586 PRIMO FIRST Israel Nickel EasyMotion
5406 Celt-X FIRST Ontario District Hydrogen LightPad
5553 Robo'Lyon Central Asia, Africa, and Europe Region Phosphorus Walk Assistant
5940 B.R.E.A.D. Greater San Francisco Bay Region Scandium Circulatio: Thermal Wear with No Fear
6418 The Missfits Greater San Francisco Bay Region Oxygen PØP
6479 AZTECH Robotics Southwestern Region Aluminium Swish! Connect: Master Motor Skills through Adaptive Technology
6652 Tigres Mexico Region Manganese Therapplay
7480 Machine Mavericks FIRST Ontario District Manganese AquaCue – A Swim Guide for the Visually Impaired
7504 Cybearbots New York & Quebec Region Nickel Way-to-Go Cane
7563 SESI SENAI MEGAZORD Caribbean + South American Region Nitrogen PERSONAL ROBOT
And check out the video announcing Finalists from all FIRST programs!

It’s going to be a great show!


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