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District Allocations, Rookie All-Star, and FIRST Championship Open Waitlist

Dec 22, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition




District Allocations

We have determined the number of slots Districts will get at FIRST Championship, and Districts have determined the number of Chairman’s Awards, Dean’s List Finalists, Engineering Inspiration Awards, and Rookie All-Star Awards they will be recognizing at their District Championships. See the updated FIRST Championship Eligibility page for details.

Rookie All-Star

It’s important to note that Rookie All-Star awards are optional at every event, as indicated in the Rookie All-Star Award description. Some Districts and Regionals have only one team eligible for rookie awards this year. These teams still need to meet the guidelines to be selected for the award. So, as an example while a District may indicate they would like to present a Rookie All-Star award at their Championship, this is only a plan, not a guarantee.

FIRST Championship Open Waitlist

The open waitlist for FIRST Championship is now available to all teams (including rookies this year!). Teams can sign up through the FIRST Dashboard, and instructions for how to sign up are at the bottom of the FIRST Championship Eligibility page. It’s important to remember that we will only draw teams from the open waitlist if the priority waitlist has been exhausted. We don’t know yet if we will be exhausting the priority waitlist. Much will depend on team acceptance rate of FIRST Championship slots. However, it costs teams nothing to put their names on the open waitlist, so if you are interested, please do so!

Season’s Greetings, Safe Holidays, and Happy New Year!


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