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Off-Season Event Information

May 28, 2021 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition




Many of you probably know that FIRST is allowing Off-Season Events to start up again July 1. We have developed the guidelines that we ask organizers to use in hosting these events. Please see the cross-program Off-Season Event page for details.

You will see that every event meeting the definition of an Off-Season Event, in every program, will be asked to submit an Off-Season Event Notification Form. This form really is just a notification to FIRST Headquarters (and will give a heads up on where equipment may be needed), not a request for approval of the event. However, we are asking notifiers to confirm they are taking several important steps related to the event and participant safety, including that they have a method for protecting personally identifying information, are following local COVID guidance, and are making their COVID plans public so potential attendees can make informed decisions.

You may notice that we are asking notifiers to submit the form at least eight weeks in advance of the event. Examining a calendar closely, you may also notice that today is less than eight weeks before we said Off-Season Events could start up again. What gives? The eight-week notice gives, that’s what. Really, in these early months, we’re just asking you to give us as much notice as you can. We want to make sure that, if you are using FIRST equipment, we have time to update the electronics to reflect the 2021 game and give your designated FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) a brush-up on a field most people have not touched in over one year. Giving us early notice helps us ensure you have the best off-season event you can.

As with every new process we implement at FIRST, we expect growing pains, and that this will evolve and improve over time.

But...Wooohooo!!! Off-Seasons are back!!!

Have a great weekend!


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