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A Message from the Woodie Flowers Award Winners

Oct 13, 2020 Written by Liz Calef, 1997 WFA, and Lucien Junkin, 2020 WFA.



1997 FIRST Robotics Competition Woodie Flowers Winner Liz Calef 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition Woodie Flowers Award Winner Lucien Junkin

It’s hard for us to believe that it has been a year since Woodie walked with us. As Woodie eloquently shared, our path to a MEANINGFUL LIFE is paved with FUN, JOY, HAPPINESS, and SATISFACTIONFIRST gives you that, even this year! 

We have all had more time than we wanted to think about things in the confines of our homes. All around the world, people have dealt with COVID-19. We have all been affected, and many have lost a lot. We want to adapt and make this year rock! We want to rise to the challenge and show that we can go beyond what others see as walls. We want to inspire, design, create, compete and show our world that we found the silver lining of COVID-19. FIRST has a plan that will help us get there! Get excited!

You have the tools you need at home to get things rolling. Bring your ideas to your teams and start the brainstorming. You have no idea where this journey will take you, but it will be fun, different, engaging. It will stretch your abilities like never before, no matter where you are.

We support and applaud FIRST for masterminding meaningful robotics opportunities this season. We are thankful for all the opportunities that FIRST partners and supporters are providing to enable teams to participate. We have an opportunity to be great and, in Woodie’s words, “to make our Grandmother’s proud”! Come join us to be Game Changers. Rookie teams, this is a great year to start your FIRST journey! We are here to help you! We have all been through a lot…….it is time to have fun!  

Liz Calef and Lucien Junkin

On behalf of all the WFA recipients:

Liz Calef (1997) Mike Bastoni (1998) Ken Patton (1999) Kyle Hughes (2000) Bill Beatty (2001)
David Verbrugge (2002) Andy Baker (2003) Dave Kelso (2004) Paul Copioli (2005) Rob Mainieri (2006)
Dan Green (2007) Mark Breadner (2008) John Novak (2009) Chris Fultz (2010) John Larock (2011)
Earl Scime (2012) Fredi Lajvardi (2013) Lane Matheson (2014 Mark Lawrence (2015) Eric Stokely (2016)
Glenn Lee (2017) Gail Drake (2018) Allen Gregory (2019) Lucien Junkin (2020)  


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