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2023 Control System Info

Jun 07, 2022 Written by Kate Pilotte, Sr. Kit of Parts Manager




It’s occurred to us that we haven’t yet stated what teams can expect for control system components for the 2023 season!

What’s legal?

  • CTR Electronics’ Power Distribution Panel
  • CTR Electronics’ Pneumatic Control Module
  • CTR Electronics’ Voltage Regulator Module
  • REV Robotics Power Distribution Hub
  • REV Robotics Radio Power Module
  • REV Robotics Pneumatic Hub
  • NI roboRIO
  • NI roboRIO 2.0
  • OM5P-AN robot radio
  • OM5P-AC robot radio
  • Snap Action VB3-A Series, terminal style F57, breakers
  • Snap Action MX5-A or MX5-L Series, 40A rating or lower breakers
  • REV Robotics ATO auto-resetting breakers, 40A rating or lower

What’s in the Kit of Parts?

  • Rookie Kickoff Kits will include a roboRIO 2.0, a REV Robotics Power Distribution Hub, a REV Robotics Radio Power Module, a REV Robotics Pneumatic Hub, (4) 40A REV Robotics breakers, and an OM5P-AC robot radio.
  • Additional control system components may be available in FIRST Choice and via vouchers, depending on supply chain reliability and donor commitment.

With the exception of maybe the OM5P robot radios, we expect this list to persist through the 2024 season. The radios may be replaced for the 2024 season, but we don’t yet know for sure. We’ll let you know when we do!

Have a great summer,


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