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2023 Event Listings & A Frank Farewell

Aug 03, 2022 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition




2023 Event Listings

The 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition season is fast approaching! You can start planning your event attendance now by checking out the list of official events we have posted. Many more will be added in the coming weeks. We list an event when we have a written agreement with the venue, the event’s projected capacity, and the event’s site documentation. Our goal is to have all events posted by the end of August. As a reminder, first event preferencing is scheduled to open on September 22.

While we have started posting events, we won’t be opening Volunteer Registration to allow folks to volunteer for those events until the end of October. We’ll be sure to remind you when it opens, so stay tuned.

A Frank Farewell

This is my final blog as an employee of FIRST, as I am retiring Friday. As I noted in the blog announcing my retirement, my time in FIRST Robotics Competition has been a privilege and a blessing, and I am absolutely convinced an even brighter future for the program lies ahead!

FIRST is in the process of selecting my successor.  In the meantime, Collin Fultz, currently Senior Program Manager for FIRST Robotics Competition, will be taking over my responsibilities. As well as being an alum of the program, Collin has worked in several departments within FIRST and even served on the Board of Directors of FIRST Indiana Robotics. The program is in great hands!

While I am retiring, I’m not going away, and I hope to see many of you at events in the coming years!


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