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Events, Event Preferencing, and Teaser!

Sep 21, 2022 Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Sr. Program Manager




FIRST® Robotics Competition Event Listings

Like autumn leaves, the events that will make up the 2023 FIRST® Robotics Competition season have fallen like pieces into place. 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition Regional and District events that will be available for the first round of preferencing are now posted for your review. You can view events using either the event search on the FIRST® webpage or the FRC-Events webpage. Event details are subject to change, and you should base your event preference decisions on the current information available. If there are any changes to an event, we will work with the local Program Delivery Partner and the impacted teams to resolve issues the best we are able.

We are excited to welcome new Regional events in Brazil and Mississippi! After a brief hiatus, we’re excited to welcome back a second Regional event in Ohio! Please note that several events have changed location from prior seasons. Please check each event’s details for more information. Stay tuned for specific updates to event site information and safety details as the season progresses.

There are a few Regional events I would like to highlight for awareness:

Australia: The Week 2 dates for the Southern Cross Regional are tentative. We hope to have the dates confirmed very soon.

China: The COVID-19 situation in China continues to present challenges to hosting FIRST Robotics Competition events. Thus, we are currently listing the event as tentative with no official location, with all teams who register going on the waitlist. Our goal is to be able to host this event as scheduled in 2023.

Chinese Taipei: Unfortunately, due to loss of local sponsorship, there is no event scheduled in Chinese Taipei for 2023. Working with our local partner, our goal is to bring this event back for 2024.

Hawaii: We are posting this event tentatively on Week 3. If event dates change, we will notify impacted teams.

Minnesota North Star at La Crosse: Due to venue construction at its traditional home, this event is moving to La Crosse, WI for 2023 only. Minnesota teams received direct communications from local leadership about this change.

San Diego: We are still working to confirm the venue for this event.

Turkey: There is a possibility of one more Regional event in Turkey. More details will be shared as they’re available.


Round 1 Event Preferencing

Round 1 of event preferencing opens on September 22 at 12 PM (noon) eastern time and closes on September 29 at 12 PM (noon) eastern time. Once preferencing closes, you cannot make any changes before the first round of event assignment. This User Guide has more details and instructions as well as an FAQ.

If you have any questions about events or the event preferencing process, please contact FIRST Team Support or leadership in the area of the event.


FIRST Robotics Competition Teaser & Season Content

We are so excited to announce that the CHARGED UPSM presented by Haas season teaser is releasing on Tuesday, October 11th at Noon ET on the FIRST Robotics Competition Game & Season page! Mark your calendars, charge your batteries, and get your team ready to search for some season hints.

We’ll also be releasing more free season content with the teaser! Check out the season asset page for social graphics, wallpapers, recruitment posters, and more.


My sincere thanks go to all of our partners and the entire FIRST Robotics Competition community for helping get charged up for an exciting and inspiring season!

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