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We Cherish Our Traditions

May 23, 2022 Written by Woodie Flowers Award Winners



Wow what a year! We did it! We planned, we guessed at plans, we masked up, we followed medical advice, we anticipated next medical advice, we interpreted medical advice, we gathered electronically then in person, we gathered back our students, we gathered back our sponsors, we built, and then we actually competed!!!! Oh Yeah!!! It was great!!!!!

For a program that is so dependent on group collaboration, sharing, and being crammed together in rooms, buses, planes… we figured out a way to make it happen. We were never quite sure what part of our teams were going where, but everyone stepped up and it happened.

Our traditions even happened! We soon remembered that it wasn’t all about robots. We remembered to be accepting, to be mindful, to be respectful, to listen to others even when we didn’t want to. We remembered to be gracious professionals in the world that Woodie had outlined for us not so long ago.

You showed us you valued these traditions when you signed the denim shirts that were an acknowledgement of your support for Woodie and his guidelines. You made your Grandparents proud, along with your coaches, mentors, sponsors, schools, and all of us that help make FIRST happen. As you think about this year and gear up for next year, think about how your mentors have shaped your experience, cheered you on, and made FIRST loud! Consider nominating them for the Woodie Flower Award… it is something that only you can do for your special mentors.

Rest up, recharge, build up your energy levels because we can’t wait for next year to make FIRST better than ever!!!

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