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Week One

Mar 09, 2022 Written by Frank Merrick, Director FIRST Robotics Competition




I am happy to report that Week One competitions are done, and the season is off to an exciting start. We saw some amazing robots and it felt good to get back to seeing friends again at in-person competitions. It is inspiring to see all of you back on the field and representing the Ethos of FIRST by working together to solve hard problems in ways that would make your grandparents proud.

I had planned to write more about this exciting comeback today but with current events in the world, I would like to focus on something you may notice as a new addition to FIRST Robotics Competition events this season. Before the robots are set into action, our MC will ask us all to take a moment to commit ourselves to a world where everyone feels safe and lives free of fear – as we join those around the world who are calling for peace and safety.

It is my hope, and my sincere belief, that FIRST is a positive force for change in the world. We stand with our community in Ukraine. 

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