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Welcome Chief Scorekeepers

Nov 14, 2023 Written by Fiona Hanlon, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Experience Specialist




Many are aware that FIRST® has several volunteers who are identified as Co-Chiefs such as Robot Inspector, FTAs, Volunteer Coordinator, and many other roles. These Co-Chiefs serve as sounding boards for FIRST® Robotics Competition staff and do things such as support training. They are also a resource for volunteers in their areas of specialization, able to provide support and guidance when needed. They are a critical bridge between program staff and the key volunteers. When someone is asked to be a Co-Chief, it means FIRST thinks that person is an outstanding role model for others in their area of specialization and demonstrates exceptional commitment to our Core Values.

Up until now, we have not had Chief volunteers for the Scorekeeper role. I am so excited to announce that Alex Herreid and Andrea “Duckie” Tribo have graciously accepted our invitations to become our first Co-Chief Scorekeepers!



Alex Herreid is no stranger to FIRST! He started his journey in 2007 as a student on Team 492 Titan Robotics Club and participated all through High School. He then founded FIRST Washington’s "Media Crew" program which later became the production team for the district program and served on the regional planning committee for multiple years. He began volunteering in 2009 and scorekeeping in 2010. He has served in many roles such as Queuing, Referee, Head Referee, FTA, and more.

He even worked at FIRST as a software engineer working on FMS and the Scorekeeping systems and providing event support for 7 years. He currently works for The New York Yankees as a Full Stack Software Engineer. He’s still involved in the FIRST Robotics Competition webcasting program and produces live events for Twitch and YouTube content creators.



Duckie also has been involved for many years. She started as a student in 2001 on Team 365, The Miracle Workerz, which is also where she received her nickname - due to always having the duct tape. She went on to assist the team as a junior mentor while pursuing her degree in Middle School Education during the year and working at youth camps in the summers.

Initially volunteering at the spare parts table in 2003, Duckie quickly transitioned to lead queuer for a couple of years before settling into scorekeeping/field control in 2008. She supported MANY official and off-season events all around the Mid-Atlantic states before moving to Huntsville, Alabama in 2012 to work at U.S. Space Camp. She lived and worked onsite at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, educating and inspiring youth and adults for almost 10 years. Her primary focus was the Space Academy for Educators, which she still assists with.

When COVID shut down camp for 9 months she made the jump to government contracting - initially with the DOJ doing ballistic analysis and then back to space with her current job. She is working towards console certification as a Payload Rack Officer (PRO) supporting science payloads and facilities onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Duckie is also a member of the Rocket City Regional planning committee and supports FIRST events in the Peachtree District, Alabama, Tennessee, and at FIRST Championship.



As you can see, these two bring a wealth of knowledge to our group. Please join us in welcoming Alex & Duckie!

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