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Bride of 2017 Updates (Classic Sequel to '2017 Updates'. Many assert it's actually the better blog*.)

Aug 23, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


Israel transitioning to the District Model

It’s true! Israel is transitioning to the District Model in the 2017 Season. Welcome, Israel, to the District family!


Subdivision Names

In the 2017 Updates Blog we said we would be effectively adding four subdivisions to the eight we have now, bringing the total to 12 across both Championships. Here is the list of folks we are honoring by naming Championship subdivisions after them:


Marie Daly (d.2003)

Marie Daly, FIRST Championship St. Louis

Biochemist and the first black American woman to earn her PhD in Chemistry in the United States. She completed groundbreaking work on the causes of heart attacks and was an activist in getting minorities enrolled in medical schools and graduate science programs.


Charles Darwin (d.1882)

Charles Darwin, FIRST Championship St. Louis

Discovered (co-discovered?**) the Theory of Evolution.


Emily Roebling (d.1903)

Emily Roebling, FIRST Championship Houston

Even with no formal engineering education, still effectively drove the Brooklyn Bridge to completion for over ten years after her husband, official Chief Engineer for the project, became incapacitated with Caisson disease.


Alan Turing (d.1954)

Alan Turing, FIRST Championship Houston

Pioneer in the field of computer science. Creator of the concept now called the ‘Turing Machine’.


Subdivision Assignments

These new subdivision names, along with our existing names, will be assigned to the Championships as follows:

FIRST Championship Houston








FIRST Championship St. Louis







Even more about 2017 to follow soon.


* Bride of Frankenstein: I know this film is from 1935, but it’s safe to say your cultural education is incomplete until you’ve seen it, in the same way your gustatory education is incomplete until you’ve eaten the Blazin’ Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese from Mr. Mac’s in Manchester, NH. Seriously, that’s some tasty mac and cheese.

** Alfred Russel Wallace

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