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Event Preferences Update

Sep 25, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

As of last night at 10 PM, 2,226 teams had submitted event preferences. This is 80% of all teams that are 'Event Ready' meaning they have completed all requirements necessary to let them submit their preferences.

Of those that submitted, 46% preferenced a single event. The rest preferenced more than one. The record holder at this point? A team that added 11 events to their preference list. OK, they may have been just kicking the tires on the new system, with thoughts of trimming that list down later, but if they stick with having 11, I'll bet they find an opening somewhere!

Don't forget, the deadline for preference submission is Noon, Eastern Time, this Thursday, September 28th. Noon, Eastern Time. Don't know what your local time is when it's Noon Eastern Time? Try this calculator; just add your city.

Also, we have updated the User Guide and FAQ to reflect a recent good question we saw about the relationship between preferences made during the first round and preferences made during the second round. The answer is: there is no relationship. First-round preferences will be wiped clean before the second round preference period is open.

Happy preferencing everyone! Remember to work toward getting your preferences in early so you can be sure not to be late!


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