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Mar 03, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.

Today’s good question comes from Mike MacLean, a member of FRC Team 2122, Team Tators, from Boise, Idaho, USA




Any word on the recommendations put to upper management re: 2017 Championship venue assignments?



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the question. The recommendation is currently being reviewed at the Board level. After the initial review, we received some follow-up questions, which we did our best to answer. Questions were not unexpected, as the proposal is very detailed and includes a great deal of data. I believe we will have resolution within two weeks or so. I apologize for the delay on this. We recognize this is an important issue for all of FIRST. We will announce results just as soon as we are able.


Frank Answers Fridays is an occasional blog feature where I’ll be answering ‘good questions’ from the FRC community. You can e-mail your questions to Please include your name, team number and where you’re from, which will be shared, if selected.

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