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Jan 08, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick


Photo of the crowd at the Manchester Kickoff. I’m the one in the grey shirt in the back.*


I hope everyone enjoyed Kickoff this year. I know I did. We had a huge crowd at the Manchester Kickoff and they were excited; lots of smiles and energy!

Twitch viewership was pretty good also. At our peak, we had just over 12,000 simultaneous viewers, and that includes locations with lots of people in the room watching a single stream. We also increased the number of followers on our Twitch channel by about 25% compared to pre-broadcast. Not bad!

I hope teams are having fun working on their play strategies for FIRST Power Up. I am really looking forward to the events so I can see what the teams have come up with!


*OK, honestly, this is not a photo from the Manchester Kickoff. But it sure felt like this.

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