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Last Chance for Second Round Preference Submissions and Some Data

Oct 18, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick

Last Chance for Second Round Preference Submissions


Ye Olde Event Assignment Engine

Don’t forget, the second round of event preference submissions closes tomorrow, that’s Thursday, October 19, at Noon Eastern Time. We won’t be accepting late submissions, so be sure to get yours in on time!

We will be running the event assignment engine shortly after submissions close. As soon as we’ve verified everything has run as planned, we will be publishing the results. This may take three or four hours, so please be patient. Teams will be notified by email when the results are ready.

Some Data

As of Tuesday morning:

  • 1,910 teams had submitted their second event preferences
  • 42.6% preferenced a single event
  • 29.7% preferenced two events
  • 17.5% preferenced three events
  • The rest of the teams preferenced up to and including 11 (!) events

Remember you can make changes on your preference list up to the deadline!

Happy preferencing!


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