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Jan 07, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick


This is a number Haley Dunn, FIRST PR and Social Media Specialist, posted in this tweet. She intended it to be random, ridiculously large number, not some kind of game hint, though some folks on a few forums think it is a game hint. It’s not. But I expect for some people, me saying it’s not a game hint will be taken as conclusive proof that it actually is a game hint. But it’s not a game hint.


As of this writing, the number of times the FIRST STRONGHOLD teaser has been viewed on YouTube, making it the 3rd most viewed video FIRST has every posted. Though I’m pretty sure a good number of those views are repeat views, with a not-insignificant percentage of those repeat views coming from my mom. Hi Mom!

One associated number to mention also. The teaser has gathered 500 ‘likes’, earning it the most ‘likes’ ever for a FIRST video, with the second-place video coming in currently at 312.


As of last night, the number of FIRST Robotics Competition teams registered and paid for the 2016 season. We’ve exceeded our team goal for the season and still have a few more teams that may be joining us!


The number of FRC Staffers for whom getting ready for this Kickoff has nearly been the end of.


More days until Kickoff!


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