Kickoff - JANUARY 4, 2025


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Watch the FIRST® Robotics Competition 2025 season kickoff celebration January 4, 12:00 p.m. ET on FIRSTtv.

Featuring the game reveal of REEFSCAPESM presented by Haas, with appearances from FIRST® faves, including FIRST CEO Chris Moore, FIRST Founder Dean Kamen, and many more! While you wait to dive in, check out and download REEFSCAPE logos, recruitment posters, and more.

Selecting a Kickoff Event:

Lead mentor 1 or 2 may enter or edit their Kickoff information during the kickoff selection dates (September 26, 2024 Noon ETNovember 12, 2024 Noon ET) by following these steps (or view our step-by-step Kickoff Instructions with screenshots):

  1. Log in to your FIRST® account at
  2. Click the blue “Event Options” button located under the “Team Events” column
  3. Select the “Kit & Kickoff” link
  4. Enter your Kit and Kickoff information
  5. Click the blue “Submit” button

Teams can also find a Kickoff event near them by checking out the Event Search Page. Only teams that have selected a kickoff location to pick up the kit and have secured their registration fee by the payment deadline will receive their Kickoff Kit at the kickoff. Teams that have not secured their registration fee by the payment deadline will by considered a MySite. 

If a team is unable to pick-up their Kickoff Kit at the local kickoff selected, a surrogate may be designated to do so. Additionally, teams may opt to instead be a "MySite" team for an additional charge. Please see the information below for additional details. 


Who is allowed to pick up a kickoff kit: 

  • Lead 1 or 2 mentor for the team with photo ID 
  • Any mentor on the team over 18 (a team roster must be provided as proof) with photo ID 
  • The person over 18 that is listed on the Surrogate Kit Pick-up Letter with photo ID 



If a team is not attending a local Kickoff, they have the option to be a “MySite” team and have their Kickoff Kit shipped, after Kickoff, to an address of their choice. The shipping fee is a flat ground or air rate (depending on the team’s location). The MySite fee for the 2025 season will be coming soon. 

* Please note that international teams are responsible for any customs fees and taxes.


Surrogate Kit Pick-Up

If a team is unable to pick up its Kickoff Kit at the local kickoff selected, an alternate team may be designated to do so. The team unable to attend must be registered to pick up their Kickoff Kit at the local kickoff AND provide FIRST with an authorized surrogate kit pick-up letter, submitted/signed by the lead coach/mentor 1 or 2 or team administrator: 1) Your team number 2) the Kickoff location 3) the name and team number (if applicable) of the surrogate picking up the Kickoff Kit. All surrogate kit pickup letters must be received at FIRST by December 31, 2024.

For More Information
Please contact FIRST Team Support at 800-871-8326, extension "0" for general questions, or e-mail

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