Pricing and Payment

Team Registration for FIRST Tech Challenge for the 2020/2021 season is $275 and includes:

  • Official FIRST Tech Challenge team number
  • Access to register and compete in official FIRST Tech Challenge events
  • Access to the FIRST storefront for discounted control system components and build kits
  • Ability to submit Dean’s List nominations
  • Team member access to the FIRST Scholarship Program
  • Access to resources for team management and career readiness

Team Registration fee does not include shipping and handling, robot control system hardware, robot built kits, registration to FIRST Tech Challenge events, nor guarantees that events are available in your area.  FIRST Program Delivery Partners run FIRST Tech Challenge events which may include physical, remote, or a combination of physical and remote elements.  Partners may charge an additional fee to participate in their events, and those fees are set and collected by the Partner.

FIRST Tech Challenge Kit of Parts Options

Teams can order their robot supplies in the FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront. This will combine their registration payment and kit of parts fees together, requiring only one bill and automatically deducting any awarded grants from the final total. If you are waiting for a FIRST Tech Challenge Rookie Grant, please do not proceed through the payment section.

In the FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront, teams will have several options for purchase, including either a REV or TETRIX Competition set. The options are outlined in the Kit of Parts Options document below. You can also find more information about the two kits in our REV and TETRIX Bill of Materials. Teams will also be able to select a Electronics Modules and Sensors Set and a Control Communications Set. 

2020-2021 Kit of Parts Options

REV Bill of Materials

TETRIX Kit Bill of Materials

Payment Terms

Payment Terms

For pricing outside of North America, contact your local representative. For questions on kit options or ordering please contact