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Jan 27, 2021 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider: Minerva

My name is Udodirim (Dodie), I'm from Nigeria, and I'm a FIRST® Global alumnus. I'm currently a sophomore at Minerva Schools majoring in Computer Science and Business. Outside of academics, I enjoy participating in hackathons, building robots, touring cities, and exploring my creativity through art.

Udodirim, Minerva Schools

I participated in FIRST's 2018 challenge where we simulated how to power communities with clean and renewable energy. This challenge was my first experience working with robots and was a great opportunity to apply my learnings from the classroom to solve real-world problems. This experience helped me develop a growth mindset, which has prepared me for Minerva’s rigorous curriculum. At Minerva, I'm constantly challenged, and this has allowed me to achieve more than I previously could have imagined. Minerva’s global community has students from over 40 countries, which is similar to my FIRST experience where I met with students from over 160 countries. Despite initial language barriers, I remember other FIRST students were very willing to offer assistance while sharing their cultures. The community at Minerva has these same values as my classmates and I love to learn about each other's diverse backgrounds.

I aspire to be part of a cause bigger than myself and being a member of the FIRST community and Minerva Schools puts me in a great position to make a difference in the world.

Join Udodirim and other FIRST alumni by applying to Minerva.

Udodirim, Minerva Schools





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