Start a Team

FIRST programs have a proven, verifiable impact. More than 85% of students who participated in FIRST are more interested in doing well in school, and over 75% of FIRST students find themselves in a STEM field as a student or professional after graduation. If you would like to start a team (any age group) in your area, we welcome you and promise to provide you with all the support, ideas, and encouragement you need to succeed! Remember: no experience required.

In general, here’s what you’ll need:

Team Startup Checklist

  • A spirit of adventure
  • A commitment of the time required for each program level
  • 2 coaches and at least 2+ kids
  • A place to meet
  • A willingness to raise funds (sponsorships and grants available)
  • The desire to have fun and help kids learn
  • The expectation to get more back than you give


Introducing the 2019/2020 Season
FIRST RISESM powered by Star Wars: Force for Change

What if you could build a better world? Where would you begin? More than ever, we must come together to innovate and solve problems. FIRST is a thriving community brimming with inspiration, creativity, and hope for a stronger, more sustainable future—one that’s built better together.

Together, we RISE. Join Us.


FIRST provides an abundance of resources (from fundraising to programming) both online and in person, to help you get started. Plus, there’s a huge community of existing FIRST teams, coaches, mentors, and volunteers who are very eager to share their knowledge, resources, and insight along your journey. You’ll never be alone. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

FIRST offers a progression of K-12 STEM programs...Vertical Program Flags

Elementary school robotics programs

Explore real-world scientific challenges, learn life skills and introductory coding principles using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® / WeDo® technology

Middle school robotics programs

Design, build, and program a robot using LEGO / Android technology to compete against other teams

High school robotics programs

Unique engineering varsity Sport for the MindTM, teams create, build, and program robots to play on a competitive playing field

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