AmeriCorps VISTA Program

After an outstanding partnership for eight years, the current FIRST® AmeriCorps VISTA Program will close in December of 2022. A key focus of VISTA is to create sustainable solutions. VISTA projects are developed with a goal to build long-term solutions by strengthening the capacity of the sponsoring sites, replacing the need for a VISTA program in that area. For this reason, most VISTA projects only operate for 3-4 years. We have been incredibly lucky to have operated the FIRST VISTA program for eight years, a testament to the strength of our program and impact. 

With the closure of our VISTA program, we are forging a new partnership with AmeriCorps. We're excited to share we are currently accepting applications for FIRST AmeriCorps National members at 5 sites within California, Florida, New York, and New Jersey. Learn more on our FIRST AmeriCorps program page or Apply today!


Engineering Pathways out of Poverty

Engineering Pathways out of Poverty


FIRST® is an inclusive robotics community that prepare young people for the future through engaging, hands-on STEM programs for grades Prek-12.

The FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) Program seeks to expand the vision of FIRST by working in areas that have been deemed underserved: lower socio-economic communities, rural areas, and areas that have little to no support or resources to be able to easily access STEM initiatives.


“I am very excited to serve with an organization that values STEM education and makes it accessible to students in marginalized communities.”
Heleen, FIRST® VISTA Member serving in Puerto Rico