18,000+ Students Bring Their Custom-Built Robots and Team Spirit to the Largest Sport for the Mind Showdown, the 2015 FIRST Championship, U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith, rock band Boys Like Girls, singer-songwriter Christina Grimmie, Government Officials, NASA Engineers, and Top Inventors On Hand to “Make it Loud” and Celebrate Student Achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math During World’s-Largest Robotics Event in St. Louis

Championship Presenting Sponsor Qualcomm Incorporated,, and Dean Kamen cheered on young innovators from 40 countries as their robots took to the playing fields at the annual robotics championship

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FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®)    FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®)
FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®)          Junior FIRST® LEGO® League (Jr.FLL®)
Dean's List Award    

ST. LOUIS, MO., April 25, 2015 ― This week, more than 18,000 students from around the globe traveled to St. Louis, Mo., put their engineering skills to the test at the annual FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Championship, held at various venues throughout the city.

The four-day event came down to a heart-pounding conclusion Saturday night in front of a roaring crowd of more than 40,000 when four teams from League City, Texas, and Davis, Clovis, and Palmdale, California of the Newton Subdivision won the coveted FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®) Championship Winning Alliance. In this year’s recycling-themed game, RECYCLE RUSHSM, FRC teams took to the field, where competing Alliances scored points by stacking totes on scoring platforms, capping those stacks with recycling containers, and properly disposing of pool noodles, representing litter. In keeping with the recycling theme of the game, all game pieces used are reusable or recyclable by teams in their home locations or by FIRST at the end of the season.

In all, over 18,000 students, ages 6 to 18, participated in the Championship events in St. Louis.

Selected Quotes:

  • FIRST Founder Dean Kamen urged students to inspire the world and to use what they’ve learned from their FIRST Mentors and Coaches as a tool: “Don’t leverage your experience here as a privilege but rather a responsibility,” he said. “We expect you to go off to college and give; go off to industry and give. Figure out how to reach people who are not already your friends or your neighbors. Get a little out of your comfort zone and help us bring a more diverse community to FIRST.
  • “What you kids in all FIRST programs are able to achieve in a short a period of time is truly astounding. I am overwhelmed by the amount of teamwork you display and the results you deliver,” said FIRST President Donald E. Bossi.
  •  “I had incredible teachers who showed me the magic of science and technology by letting me do it myself. That’s what FIRST is all about,” said Megan Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer.

Among the participants, many U.S. and international FIRST student robotics teams earned honors for design excellence, competitive play, research, business plans, website design, teamwork, and partnerships. A not-for-profit organization founded in 1989 by inventor Dean Kamen, FIRST inspires young people’s interest and participation in science and technology.

In St. Louis, more than 900 teams from 40 countries competed in the four FIRST programs: FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®, grades 4 to 8, 9 to 14-year-olds in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico; 9 to 16-year-olds outside the U.S., Canada, and Mexico); FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®, grades 7 to 12, 12 to 18-year-olds); and FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®, grades 9 to 12, ages 14 to 18). In addition to the high-energy robotics matches, 60 teams of 6 to 9-year-olds participated in the Junior FIRST® LEGO® League (Jr.FLL®, grades K-3), World Festival Expo.

The Dr. Bart Kamen Memorial Scholarships were given to:

  • Tyler Brinton, FRC Team 195, Cyber Knights, Plantsville, Conn.
  • Sheridan Rea, FRC Team 1388, Eagle Robotics, Grover Beach, Calif.
  • Noah Shields, FRC Team 1676, Pascack Pi-oneers, Ringwood, N.J.
  • Mayuri Viswanathan, FRC Team 2383, Ninjineers, Cooper City, Fla.

The FIRST Championship honored significant supporters of the FIRST mission:

  • John E. Abele, Vice Chair of FIRST and Founding Chairman, Retired, Boston Scientific Corporation was the recipient of the Founder’s Award, presented each year by FIRST founder Dean Kamen to one organization or individual for exceptional service in advancing the ideals and mission of FIRST.
  • Mark Lawrence, Retired Executive, CISCO; Mentor, Team 1816, The Green Machine, Edina, Minn. was the recipient of the Woodie Flowers Award, founded by Dr. William P. Murphy Jr. to recognize an outstanding engineer or teacher who best demonstrates teaching excellence in teaching science, math and creative design.
  • Richard Dale “Rick” Snyder, and current Governor of Michigan, was the recipient of the Make It Loud Award, given to the person who has contributed the most in increasing the awareness of FIRST to the general public.

2015 FIRST Championship Winners

The 2015 winners of the competitions are as follows:

  • Winners of the Dean’s List Award included:

From FIRST Robotics Competition:

  • Emilie Dufour, Team 3990, Tech for Kids, Montreal, Quebec, CAN;
  • David Earle, Team 830, The Rat Pack, Ann Arbor, Mich.;
  • Cynthia Erenas, Team 4964, LA Streetbots, Los Angeles, Calif.;
  • Alyssa Garcia, Team 1684, The Chimeras, Lapeer, Mich.;
  • Camilo Gonzalez, Team 125, Nutrons, Boston, Mass.;
  • Logan Hickox, Team 4118, Roaring Riptide, Gainesville, Fla.;
  • Alexandra Miller, Team 1629, Garrot Coalition, McHenry, Md.;
  • Sebastian Orellana, Team 4013, Clockwork Mania, Orlando, Fla.;
  • Ben Rowley, Team 1912, Team 1912 Combustion, Slidell, La.;
  • Michael Uttmark, Team 2980, The Whidbey Island Wild Cats, Oak Harbor, Wash.

From FIRST Tech Challenge:

  • James Chin, Team 310, Stuy Fission, New York, N.Y.;
  • Stephen Eckert, Team 5466, Combustible Lemons, Davenport, Ia.;
  • Sarah Fogwell, Team 4856, Minnie MASH, West Vincent, Pa.;
  • Serena Grown-Haeberli, Team 7593, TigerBots, Belmont, Calif.;
  • Laura Irvine, Team 8438, Quantum Leap, Stillwater, Minn.;
  • Hannah Liao, Team 4250, LIGHTSABERS, Oklahoma City, Okla.;
  • Mashroor Rashid, Team 2408, Shrapnel Sergeants, Hazelwood, Mo.;
  • Cameron Richards, Team 6987, Hat Trix, Granville, Ohio;
  • Katherine Thomas, Team 7172, Technical Difficulties, Plano, Texas;
  • Austin Wang, Team 5206, The Knights of Ni, Stanford, Calif.

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FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®) Championship

FRC combines sports excitement with the rigors of science and technology. Under strict rules, limited resources, and time limits, teams are challenged to fundraise, design a brand, exercise teamwork, and build and program robots to perform tasks against competitors.

  • The Winning Alliance of the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship was Team 118, Robonauts, League City, Texas; Team 1678, Citrus Circuits, Davis, Calif.; Team 1671, Buchanan Bird Brains, Clovis, Calif.; and Team 5012, Gryffingear, Palmdale, Calif. of the Newton Subdivision.
  • Team 597, Wolverines, Los Angeles, Calif, won the Chairman’s Award, the highest honor given at the FRC Championship, recognizing the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST.

Other FRC Awards included:

  • Engineering Inspiration Award
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 3132 Thunder Down Under, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 771 SWAT, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 3478, Lambot, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 195 Cyber Knights , Southington, Conn.
  • Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award
    Paul George, FIRST Field Tech Advisor, Field Supervisor Trainer, Field Tech Advisor Assistant Trainer; Retired Controls Engineer, Procter & Gamble

Championship Finalists

Hopper Subdivision

  • Team 987, HIGHROLLERS, Las Vegas, Nev.
  • Team 2826, Wave Robotics, Oshkosh, Wis.
  • Team 4265, Secret City Wildbots, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
  • Team 2512, Duluth East Daredevils, Duluth, Minn.

Subdivision Winners

Archimedes Subdivision

  • Team 1023, Bedford Express, Temperance, Mich.
  • Team 2338, Gear It Forward, Oswego, Ill.
  • Team 3996, RIKITIK, Rimouski, Québec, Canada
  • Team 1089, Team Mercury, Hightstown, N.J.

Carson Subdivision

  • Team 1325, Inverse Paradox, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Team 3339, BumbleB, Kfar-Yona, Israel
  • Team 20, The Rocketeers, Clifton Park, N.Y.
  • Team 1711, Raptors, Traverse City, Mich.

Carver Subdivision

  • Team 368, Team Kika Mana, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Team 359, Hawaiian Kids, Waialua, Hawaii
  • Team 337, Hard Working Hard Hats, Logan, W. Va.
  • Team 144, The R.O.C.K, Cincinnati, Ohio

Curie Subdivision

  • Team 148, Robowranglers, Greenville, Texas
  • Team 1114, Simbotics, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  • Team 1923, The MidKnight Inventors, Plainsboro, N.J.
  • Team 900, Zebracorns, Durham, N.C.

Galileo Subdivision

  • Team 2056, OP Robotics, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
  • Team 330, The Beach Bots, Hermosa Beach, Calif.
  • Team 492, Titan Robotics Club, Bellevue, Wash.
  • Team 3944, All Knights, Tempe, Ariz.

Hopper Subdivision

  • Team 987, HIGHROLLERS, Las Vegas, Nev.
  • Team 2826, Wave Robotics, Oshkosh, Wis.
  • Team 4265, Secret City Wildbots, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
  • Team 2512, Duluth East Daredevils, Duluth, Minn.

Newton Subdivision

  • Team 118, Robonauts, League City, Texas
  • Team 1678, Citrus Circuits, Davis, Calif.
  • Team 1671, Buchanan Bird Brains, Clovis, Calif.
  • Team 5012, Gryffingear, Palmdale, Calif.

Tesla Subdivision

  • Team 3132, Thunder Down Under, Sydney, Australia
  • Team 3476, Code Orange, Irvine, Calif.
  • Team 1255, Blarglefish, Baytown, Texas
  • Team 2526, Crimson Robotics, Maple Grove, Minn.

Subdivision Finalists

Archimedes Subdivision

  • Team 1640, Sab-BOT-age, Downingtown, Pa.
  • Team 1310, RUNNYMEDE ROBOTICS, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Team 217, ThunderChickens, Sterling Heights, Mich.
  • Team 2383, Ninjineers, Plantation, Fla.

Carson Subdivision

  • Team 4488, Shockwave, Hillsboro, Ore.
  • Team 67, The HOT Team, Highland, Mich.
  • Team 225, TechFire, York, Pa.
  • Team 5659, Team Supreme, Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Carver Subdivision

  • Team 233, The Pink Team, Rockledge/Cocoa Beach, Fla.
  • Team 1718, The Fighting Pi, Armada, Mich.
  • Team 4039, MakeShift Robotics, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Team 1425, Error Code Xero, Wilsonville, Ore.

Curie Subdivision

  • Team 3663, CPR - Cedar Park Robotics, Bothell, Wash.
  • Team 1574, MisCar, Misgav, Israel
  • Team 2046, Bear Metal, Maple Valley, Wash.
  • Team 5586, Bond Brigade, Kiel, Wis.

Galileo Subdivision

  • Team 27, Team RUSH, Clarkston, Mich.
  • Team 1690, Orbit, Binyamina, Israel
  • Team 384, Sparky 384, Richmond, Va.
  • Team 3146, GRANBY GRUNTS, Granby, Conn.

Hopper Subdivision

  • Team 1218, Vulcan Robotics, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Team 2614, MARS, Morgantown, W. Va.
  • Team 125, NUTRONS, Boston, Mass.
  • Team 343, Metal-In-Motion, Seneca, S.C.

Newton Subdivision

  • Team 195, Cyber Knights, Southington, Conn.
  • Team 1756, Argos, Peoria, Ill.
  • Team 3015, Ranger Robotics, Spencerport, N.Y.
  • Team 4522, Team SCREAM, Sedalia, Mo.

Tesla Subdivision

  • Team 2137, TORC, Oxford, Mich.
  • Team 3824, HVA RoHAWKtics, Knoxville, Tenn.
  • Team 1323, MadTown Robotics, Madera, Calif.
  • Team 2415, WiredCats, Atlanta, Ga. 
  • Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 188, Blizzard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 70, More Martians, Goodrich, Mich.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 2451, PWNAGE, Saint Charles, Ill.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 5024, Raider Robotics, London, Ontario, Canada
  • Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 1806 S.W.A.T., Smithville, Miss.
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 971, Spartan Robotics, Mountain View, Calif.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 1619, Up-A-Creek Robotics, Longmont, Colo.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 2826, Wave Robotics, Oshkosh, Wis.
  • Entrepreneurship Award sponsored by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 2974, Walton Robotics, Marietta, Ga.
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 3504, Girls of Steel, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 1730, Team Driven, Lee’s Summit, Mo.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 2590, Nemesis, Robbinsville, N.J.
  • Gracious Professionalism® Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 5006, Apophis, Prairie Grove, Ark.
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 701, RoboVikes, Fairfield, Calif.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 2601, Steel Hawks, Flushing, N.Y.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 125, NUTRONS, Boston, Mass.
  • Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 2930, Sonic Squirrels, Snohomish, Wash.
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 1086, Blue Cheese, Glenn Allen, Va.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 1011, Crush, Tucson, Ariz.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 1094, Channel Cats, O’Fallon, Mo.
  • Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 2122, Team Tators, Boise, ID
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 148,  Robowranglers, Greenville, Texas
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 254, Cheesy Poofs, San Jose, Calif.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 1983 Skunk Works Robotics, Seattle, Wash.
  • Industrial Safety Award sponsored by UL
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 2062, C.O.R.E., Waukesha, Wis.
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 1319, FLASH, Mauldin, S.C.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 1710, The Ravonics Revolution, Olathe, Kan.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 1676, The Pascack PI-oneers, Mountvale, N.J.
  • Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 2054, Tech Vikes, Hopkins, Miss.
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 1717, D’Penguineers, Goleta, Calif.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 2056, OP Robotics, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 3310, Black Hawk Robotics, Heath, Texas
  • Media & Technology Innovation Award sponsored by Comcast/NBCUniversal – FRC Team 3504, Girls of Steel, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Quality Award sponsored by Motorola
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 1538, Holy Cows, San Diego, Calif.
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 3309, Friarbots, Anaheim, Calif.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 973, Greybots, Atascadero, Calif.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 1756, Argos, Peoria, Ill.
  • Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 4481, Team Rembrandts, Eindhoven, Netherlands
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 329, Raiders, Medford, N.Y.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 1547, Where’s Waldo, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 3574 HIGH TEKERZ, Burien, Wash.
  • Highest Rookie Seed
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 5687, The Outliers, Portland, ME
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 5442, Mechanical Monarchy, Washington, IL
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 5406, Celt-X, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 5413, Stellar Robotics, Mansfield, OH
  • Rookie All-star Award
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 5415, Bears, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 5586, Bond Brigade, Kiel, Wis.
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 5554, The Poros, Natanya, HaMerkaz, Israel
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 5526, tCATs, Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico
  • Rookie Inspiration Award
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 5536 8/, The TITANS, Albany, Ga.
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 5737, Mars Style, Beijing, China
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 5498, Wired Devils, Grosse Ile, Mich.
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 5454, Wild Fire, Rogers, Ark.
  • Judges’ Awards
    • Archimedes-Tesla Division: Team 3847, Spectrum, Houston, Texas
    • Curie-Carver Division: Team 3881, WHEA Sharkbots, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
    • Galileo-Carson Division: Team 2626, Evolution Robotics, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    • Newton-Hopper Division: Team 4731,  MONARCH-E, Morelai, Michoacan, Mexico

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FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®) World Championship

FTC students learn to think like engineers. Teams build robots from a reusable kit of parts, develop strategies, document their progress, and compete head to head. The object of this year’s game, named CASCADE EFFECTSM, is to score more points than an opponent by placing balls into rolling goals and then moving goals into scoring areas. Points can also be awarded when balls are shot into a center goal.

Approximately 44,500 students on 4,450+ FIRST Tech Challenge teams competed during the 2014/2015 FTC season. The 2014/15 FIRST Tech Challenge Sponsors include Official Program Sponsor for the FIRST Tech Challenge, Rockwell Collins, and FTC CAD and Collaboration Sponsor, PTC.

The FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship Inspire Award, recognizing excellence in robot design and teamwork, went to Team 3595, Schrödinger’s Hat, Fairbanks, Alaska. The Winning Alliance was Team 6433, Neutrinos, Lakeland, Fla.; Team 7245, RedNek Robotics, Sun River, Mont.; Team 2844, ValleyX Robotics, Chandler, Ariz., of the Franklin Division.

The FTC Volunteer of the Year Award winner was Dale Jordon of Oregon. The Compass Award for excellence in coaching/mentoring was awarded to Coach Warren Morris, Team 6510, CyberSharks, Palacios, Texas.

Other FTC awards included:

  • Finalist Alliance
  • Division Winners Edison Division: Team 6022, TBD, Aurora, Ohio; Team 4290, High PHidelity, Austin, Texas; Team 4174, Atomic Theory, New York, N.Y. Franklin Division: Team 6433, Neutrinos, Lakeland, Fla.; Team 7245, RedNek Robotics, Sun River, Mont.; Team 2844, ValleyX Robotics, Chandler, Ariz.
  • Division FinalistsEdison Division: Team 5026, Tesla Coils, Twin Falls, Idaho; Team 4997, Masquerade, Tampa, Fla.; Team 5916, Bo-Bots, Earlville, Md. Franklin Division: Team 8609, Blue Crew Too, McComb, Miss.; Team 6299, ViperBots QuadX, Austin, Texas; Team 3415, Lancers, Livingston, N.J.
  • Rockwell Collins Innovate Award – Team 9048, the Philobots, Austin, Texas
  • Motivate Award – Team 6055, Gear Ticks, Lincoln, Mass.
  • Connect Award – Team 4924, Tuxedo Pandas, Christiansburg, Va.
  • Think Award – Team 3415, The Lancers, Livingston, N.J.
  • PTC Design Award – Team 6299, Viper Bots Quad X, Austin, Texas
  • Control Award – Team 7187, Team Axis, Lake Oswego, Ore.
  • Promote Award – Team 6002, Basilisks, Pacifica, Calif.
  • Judges’ Awards:
    • Old School Perfection – Team 8716, Techaholix, Portland, Ore.
    • Make It Loud and Clear – Team 8338, SHATTERDOME, Chung Nam, South Korea
    • Enabler – Team 9753, TECHNOMANCERS, Coimbatore, India
    • Sensor Savant – Team 4855, BATTERIES IN BLACK, Portland, Ore.

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FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®) World Festival

FLL introduces younger children to real-world engineering challenges by conducting research projects and building LEGO-based autonomous robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface. FLL teams, guided by their imaginations, discover exciting career possibilities and learn to make positive contributions to society. This year’s challenge, FLL WORLD CLASSSM, engaged 267,000+ kids on nearly 27,000 teams to redesign how we gather knowledge and skills in the 21st century.

Top honors went to Champion’s Award 1st Place winner, Team 23850, Fast & Curious, Aley, Lebanon; Champion’s Award Finalist, Team 23750, Mechatronic Ants, Pamplona, Spain; and Champion’s Award Finalist, Team 2936, HIPPIES (Humans in Peaceful Pursuit of Intellectual Engineering Skills), Peoria, Ill.

Other FLL awards included:

  • Robot Performance Award – Team 23750, Mechatronic Ants, Pamplona, Spain
  • Strategy & Innovation Award –  Team 22950, FIRST FUJISAN, Kofu, Japan
  • Programming Award – Team 9, 5th Gear, Fort Collins, Colo.
  • Mechanical Design Award – Team 24050, ROBOPRO, Holon, Israel
  • Research Award – Team 5831, Ctrl-Z  Bayview Glen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Presentation Award – Team 24200, SESI Big Bang, Birigui, Brazil
  • Innovative Solution Award – Team 23050, Skillbots, Toluca, Mexico
  • Teamwork Award – Team 3478, Dream Team, Simpsonville, S.C.
  • Inspiration Award – Team 168, Geared UP!, Ashburn, Va.
  • Gracious Professionalism® Award – Team 22200, Nonstop, Førresfjorden, Norway
  • Solid as a Rock Volunteer Awards – Nicole Adewale of St. Louis and Laura Schantz of Ohio
  • Coach/Mentor Awards – Beryl Cruz of Bocaue, Philippines; Raed Aler of albaqaa, Jordan; Charlotte Ackerman of Tucson, Ariz.; and William Shaver of Harrisonburg, Va.

Judges’ Awards

•     Team 22500, SAP Alpha Shakers, Pretoria, South Africa

•     Team 23250, sCOOL Br1iacs, Almelo, Netherlands

•     Team 23300, CONSTELLATION, Praga Nova, Ukraine

•     Team 24000, Nyan Cats, Herzelia, Israel

•     Team 23000, Rising Kelts, Novo mesto, Slovenia

•     Team 23400, RoboZombie, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

FIRST LEGO League Global Innovation Award Finalists

•     Team 4678, Braille Boys & Annie, Cumming, Georgia, Insta-Braille

•     Team 12758, LEGO Lions, Austin, Texas, Haptic AppPlatform for Visually Impaired

•     Team 100, Team Storm, Terre Haute, Ind., ROY G. BIV Math System

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Junior FIRST® LEGO® League (Jr.FLL®) World Festival Expo

Jr.FLL introduces children ages 6 to 9 to the exciting worlds of science and technology. Teams of up to six children and one adult Coach take on a real-world Challenge, to be explored through research, critical thinking, and imagination.

In this year’s Jr.FLL Challenge, Jr.FLL THINK TANKSM, teams took a closer look at where and how learning happens every day. Teams learn how science, technology, engineering, and math impact our everyday lives while they get excited about future innovations.

Jr.FLL awards included:

  • Against All Odds Award –
    • Team 970, RoboWildcats, Los Angeles, Calif.
    • Team 3181, Pink Peacocks, O’Fallon, Ill.
    • Team 186, Camdenton 4-H LASER #2, Camdenton, Mo.
  • Amazing Movement Award –
    • Team 1050, The Imagineers, Kansas City, Mo.
    • Team 5001, Brain Cells, Shanghai, China
    • Team 795, The Imagination Builders, Centreville, Va.
  • Complexity and Decoration Award –
    • Team 2123, BickClic, Casper, Wyo.
    • Team 2118, Trailblazing Rams, Philadelphia, Pa.
    • Team 190, Camdenton 4-H Awesome Creators, Camdenton, Mo.
  • Construction Innovation Award –
    • Team 182, Team Awesome!, Ann Arbor, Mich.
    • Team 1030, Thunderbots, Oklahoma City, Okla.
    • Team 830, LEGO Brainiacs, Mequon, Wis.
  • Redefining Learning Award –
    • Team 5000, Easten Challenger, Shanghai, China
    • Team 200, The Wrenbots, Ballwin, Mo.
    • Team 1655, Everything is Awesome!, Batavia, Ohio
  • Effort and Learning Award –
    • Team 463, Kid Sharks, Ellisville, Mo.
    • Team 150, Brownie Bots, O’Fallon, Mo.
    • Team 2667, Stix Broom Legs, St. Louis, Mo.
  • Explosive Ideas Award –
    • Team 21, BRAINSTORMERS, Bayport, N.Y.
    • Team 2814, Determined Dolphins, Castle Pines, Colo.
    • Team 5002, Rolling Blocks, Beijing, China
  • Gracious Professionalism Award –
    • Team 5003, The Croods, Beijing, China
    • Team 420, Rinky Dink Thinkers, Overland Park, Kan.
    • Team 1877, LEGO Brainiacs, Glasgow, Ky.
  • Inquiring Minds Award –
    • Team 1595, LEGO Brothers & Friends, North Aurora, Ill.
    • Team 126, STOBOR, Syosset, N.Y.
    • Team 491, Techno Turtles, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Lil’ Einstein Award –
    • Team 5005, Candy Bulls, San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    • Team 744, Camdenton 4-H LASER American Ninja Lakers, Osage Beach, Mo.
    •  Team 56 LEGO Roblock Architects, Webster Groves, Mo. 
  • Master Programmer Award –
    • Team 234, Mighty Mustangs, Oswego, Ill.
    • Team 1570, Cheeta Bots, Plainsboro, N.J.
    • Team 681, Masterminds, Waynesville, Ohio
  • Outstanding Teamwork Award - 
    • Team 1520, The Awesome Learners, Helena, Mont.
    • Team 890, The Miners, St. James, Mo.
    • Team 176, Master Thinkers, Flower Mound, Texas
  •  Picasso Award –
    • Team 2531, LEGO Landers, Hahira, Ga.
    • Team 935, LEGO Stars, Claremore, Okla.
    • Team 2159, The LEGO Gamers, Bellevue, Wash.
  • Rising Stars Award –
    • Team 5004, Deep Think, Suwon City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    • Team 285, Daisy Bots, Florissant, Mo.
    • Team 160, Super LEGOs, St. Ann, Mo.
  • Robust Design Award –
    • Team 3124, Three by One, Kansas City, Mo.
    • Team 156, Astrobots, Sammamish, Wash.
  • Simply Awesome Machine Award –
    • Team 12, The LEGO Cellos, Springfield, Ill.
    • Team 378, The Unstoppable Six, Camanche, Iowa.
    • Team 1473, Team DRAWES, Kirkwood, Mo.
  • Solid as a Rock Award –
    • Team 2779, The Master Fire Builders, Washington Court House, Ohio
    • Team 3012, Castlebridge Progo, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    • Team 338, Robotic Regals, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Synergy Award –
    • Team 418, SWOT BOTS, Annapolis, Md.
    • Team 1904, The Adorkables, Alamogordo, N.M.
    • Team 1078, Super Master Builders, Pawleys Island, S.C.
  • Team Spirit Award –
    • Team 450, Ruler Girlz, Connersville, Ind.
    • Team 1324, Mind Blasters, Mcdonough, Ga.
    • Team 226, Engineering Dragon Sisters, Arnold, Mo.
  • Terrific Thinkers Award
    • Team 521, Master Builders, Jacksonville, Fla.
    • Team 189, Camdenton 4-H LASER #6, Camdenton, Mo.
    • Team 2942, LEGO Gears, Longview, Wash.

2015 FIRST Championship Sponsors

Qualcomm is the 2015 FIRST Championship Presenting Sponsor.

2015 FIRST Championship Program Sponsors include: Energizer Holdings, Inc.; FedEx Corporation; Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD); Google; Monsanto; NRG Energy; U.S. Air Force; United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Other 2015 FIRST Championship Sponsors include: Abbott Fund; Bechtel Corporation; The Boeing Company; BOSCH; The Coca-Cola Company; Comcast NBCUniversal; The Dow Chemical Company; Dr. William H. Danforth; Edward Jones Foundation; I Am Jane; INCOSE; Microsoft Corporation; Mouser Electronics; Nidec Motor Corporation; NVIDIA; Rockwell Automation; Scottrade, Inc.; Southwest Airlines; SpaceX; St. Louis Regional Chamber; Trio Foundation of St. Louis; UL; Vulcan Spring & Manufacturing Co.; Wells Fargo Advisors.

Save the date! The  FIRST Championship  will be held in:

St. Louis April 27-30, 2016 | Houston April 19-22, 2017 and St. Louis April 26-29, 2017 | Houston April 18-21, 2018 and Detroit April 25-28, 2018.

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Media Contacts:

Brooke Blew , FIRST
Ph. 603-206-2048
                           Haley Dunn, FIRST
Ph. 603-666-2494