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Detailed Information about the 2021 Season

Sep 30, 2020 Written by Frank Merrick.


Hello FIRST Robotics Competition Teams!

2021 Season is a buffet of choices! FIRST Robotics Competition

We're very excited to provide you more information about the 2021 season! You can find it in this document. Thursday's info was more of an overview. Today's document provides much more detail.


As you will see, even if we don't have official events in 2021, there are still exciting ways to be engaged in FRC. I think of it like one of those buffet restaurants (or how they were before COVID, anyway) - not everything may appeal to everyone, but hopefully, there’s something that each team will enjoy! Even within the challenge categories, teams can focus on specific elements and still be successful!


Is this going to be as amazing as a typical season in which every team gets to an event? Let's just say it - nothing can replace the energy and excitement of in-person FRC competitions. But that doesn't mean you can't have a fantastic and worthwhile season working on these brand-new challenges. And in 2021, with respect to the Game Design Challenge and the Innovation Challenge anyway, more teams are closer to being 'rookies' than in any recent year. I’m excited to see how this change in the competitive landscape will play out!

Who is going to knock the socks* off the judges this season and forever earn a place in FIRST history? No one can predict, but I can't wait to find out!


Registration opens at Noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 6. Please join us! It's going to be a year to remember!




*Do people still wear socks? Or even still use this expression? IDK. (I'm told IDK means 'I don't know,' please correct me in the comments below if I'm wrong.)

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Of course people still wear socks. In fact, I bought thousands of FIRST Canada branded socks to sell at district events, Frank. Fortunately, they will keep for a year.

I sure hope you have enough shoes for all of those socks! Laugh out loud!

IDK actually means I am Dean Kamen, btw.

That buffet looks delicious!

i do not wear socks

I love socks ! even better if they are from FIRST !!

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