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Note Scoring and FIRST® API Sync

Mar 26, 2024 Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior Director




The engineering team at FIRST® and several volunteers have been working to correct issues related to counting notes in the amp and the FIRST API sync of match data. I apologize for the negative impact that these issues had on the event experience for teams, volunteers, and spectators.


Amp Scoring

Some events have seen repeated issues with the Amp reliably counting scored Notes. Many of these issues were solved by event volunteers and the FIRST engineering team implementing technical solutions like adding shielding to better control the lighting around the sensor array and confirming sensor alignment and calibration. Other events continued to experience issues even with these solutions in place.

On Saturday, another change was instituted at the two events experiencing the most significant issues, the St. Louis Regional and the Ontario North Bay District Event. At these two events, a human scorer was added to watch each Amp. If a Note was missed, the scorer was given a way to manually add the Note via a tablet in real-time to help minimize the impact of the missed count on the flow of the match.

This update was rolled out to all events on Sunday, March 24, and we plan to have this feature available at least for Week 5 events. Per Section 6.7.17 of the Game Manual, "If a DRIVE TEAM has a question about a MATCH, the FIELD, etc., they may send 1 DRIVE TEAM member to their corresponding Question Box.”


AUTO Scoring Verification

Events may station field volunteers (e.g. field reset staff) behind the Speaker to monitor for Note jams during the Autonomous period. Jams have not occurred frequently. If a jam occurs, the volunteer will share the appropriate count of autonomous scored Notes with the Scorekeeper after the Match.



Match information stopped updating in real-time for all events during Week 3 due to an issue syncing match schedules to our cloud database. For Week 4 events, match results were synced manually at set intervals on Friday and Saturday. Live sync was turned back on one event at a time on Sunday to monitor for issues.

There were no recurrent issues on Sunday, and while there may be some short delays, we anticipate fewer incidents and the sync to work as anticipated for Week 5. If there are issues, banner messages will be posted on the frc-events pages.

I extend my sincere thanks to the FIRST® Robotics Competition engineering team and the amazing volunteers who were investigating these issues and implementing solutions while also keeping Week 4 events running.

Good luck to everyone in Week 5!

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This is a colossal Collin Fultz W

Along with the lack of Match information, it appears that there has been a loss of posting match videos. Will those missing videos be posted?

Hi Bill - Yes, we're working to get match videos posted as well. Is there a specific event you're looking for?

When I was courtside during some matches at the Iowa Regional I noticed two incidents (there could have been more) of notes getting stuck in the Amp mechanism just above the beam breaks.  Luckily the human player noticed and was able to nudge the notes on their way.  Just wanted you to be aware of this other failure mode. 

Thanks for sharing the info on the cause of the issues. Given the complexity, it is amazing it usually works so well. We tend to forget what is required to make all of this work. 

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