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Festival of Champions and Encrypted Game Manual

Jan 04, 2017 Written by Frank Merrick.


Festival of Champions

By now, many of you have probably seen the announcement by FIRST Senior Management about the Festival of Champions to take place in New Hampshire on July 28th and 29th, 2017. We’re very excited to be hosting the Chairman’s Award winning team and the teams on the Winning Alliance from each FIRST Championship location for a two-day celebration. We’ve got several activities for the teams planned, including a special dinner with Dean at his home (so cool!), along with a competition between the winning alliances, to be webcast to the world. See the link above for more info. We still have many details to finalize, including all those pesky rules that will need to go along with this, but we wanted to pass along this news as soon as we could!


Encrypted FIRST® STEAMWORKS™ Documents

You want your encrypted game manual? You got your encrypted game manual. Download it now here. The paint may still be a little wet, so be careful. 

For folks new to this, here’s the deal: Download the encrypted manual now to your iPhone/Android/PalmPilot/whatever (pdf apps like Foxit PDF or Adobe Acrobat are helpful). At the end of the Kickoff broadcast, we’ll reveal the code that will unlock the file so you can immediately start devouring all that FIRST STEAMWORKS goodness.

The Kit of Parts checklists, which will let you inventory your Kit of Parts, have also been encrypted and posted. You can find them here.

We’re still working on finalizing the drawing package that goes with the game. That likely won’t be ready for download before Friday, but we’ll let you know. It, too, will be encrypted.

All files encrypted prior to Kickoff use the same password, again to be revealed at the end of the Kickoff broadcast.

More news soon!



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The Manual attempts to open in the browser, then requires a password. There is not an option to download an encrypted copy. If players can not download an encrypted copy early it seems that encrypting the document is not serving it's purpose. Which I believe was to reduce the server load on Saturday. 

try Right Click, "Save Link As..."

If the download tries to open the document automatically in the browser, that is a setting in your browser. In that case, most browsers allow you to save the file without opening it when you right-click on the link and choose something like "save link as".

Right click on the link, then "Save Target As" to save to your computer.

If you right click on the link, it will give you an option to save as the file - which will then not try to open it in the browser (and require the password).  I just verified this with the above links.

Right click on the encrypted manual link and click "Save link as..."

Hi Dan, you should be able to right click on the link and select "Save link as..." Once that's selected, you can choose to where you want the file saved. 

What has been provided to you is a direct link to an online version of the encrypted PDF. Your browser does not automatically download it, but you may simply right-click on the link or page and select "Save As..." or a similar option. From there, you should be able to select a location to save the encrypted PDF. Hope this helps!

After the pdf opens in the browser, simply Ctrl+S, even though it asks for the password, and you'll be able to download an encrypted copy. I've confirmed this to work on Chrome and Safari at least.

Depending on which browser you are using, right-click the link to the manual and choose Save As..., Save Target As... or something similar.  This will override the default behavior of trying to open the manual in a pdf reader.

Right click and hit save as


Right click on the link and select the "save as" option

Hi - I just tried this ... if you right click on the link, and select download as - it will let you save the file without trying to open it in the browser.  I then tried opening the file directly, and as expected it asks for the password.

Dan -

If you right-click the link and select "Save As", it should allow you to save a copy of the encrypted manual locally.  Your PC is likely just setup to attempt to open the link upon download.

Simply right-click on the link ( and select "Save As..." or "Save Link As...". Hope this helps!

Right-click the link, "Save Link As...".  As badly as FIRST has broken the site, they didn't tamper with the right-button menus with evil JavaScript!

Thank You

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