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Making Volunteering for FIRST Even Better

Sep 05, 2017 Written by Fiona Hanlon, FRC Volunteer Resource Coordinator

Hi FRC Teams and Volunteers,

The Volunteer Resources Department has been hard at work this summer improving many resources to enhance our volunteer’s experience with FIRST. At the FIRST Championship events, we held feedback sessions with our volunteers to find out how FIRST could improve and one of the things we kept hearing was that the volunteer roles did not accurately represent what the responsibilities were. We took this feedback and revamped the volunteer role descriptions; taking the time to put them in the same format and adding details to make it clearer what the volunteer time commitments are, the role responsibilities, and the minimum experience and skills needed for each role. You can see the updated roles here.

You may notice that all key volunteers now have a minimum age requirement. This is because these roles have a higher level of responsibility. While a minimum age requirement does not guarantee a volunteer is ready to take on a higher level of responsibility, it does help, in the same way having minimum driving and voting ages help ensure people are ready for those significant responsibilities.

We also received helpful feedback over the past few years on how volunteers register with FIRST. You may be happy to hear that our new Volunteer Registration has launched as of August 22nd. We believe this new site will provide a better experience for our volunteers. Volunteer Registration is now accessible under the dashboard. If you previously had a volunteer account, you can use your same username and password to access Volunteer Registration. To access the dashboard, simply go to and click the ‘login’ or ‘sign up’ button in the top right corner of the page. This means team mentors and event volunteers can now log into a single system! FRC events are still not live, but you can login, update your volunteer profile, and see the improvements that have been made. You may notice in the top right corner a number in a red circle, this is indicating action items you have to complete including things like agreeing to our YPP Policies and our Terms & Conditions.

We hope these enhancements improve our volunteers experience and help make our events more consistent for the teams. As always, if you have any volunteer questions please email:

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Why are all the Volunteer Role descriptions tagged as FRC Resources?  Why not tag them as Volunteer resources?  It annoys me trying to find FRC flyers and having to dig through all the volunteer descriptions.

Hello, The FRC Volunteer Role Descriptions are categorized as FIRST Robotics Competition Resources rather than Volunteer Resources because several of these roles exist for more than 1 program. Unfortunately, in our system currently we cannot categorize it as both. In the resource library, if you click the tags section on the left, you can select both FRC and Volunteer and you will see all of the volunteer roles for FRC. Alternatively, to help find other resources you can select one of the many other tags. Hope this helps!

(This can be kept private, if you don't want to publish it, but I would like an answer, if possible) I am usually a mentor, but I recently volunteered at an off season event, and might do so again in the future, so I looked up the "role description" for the job that I volunteered for (Field Reset). I was a little surprised at the description. Under "Experience and Skills Needed", it said "Outgoing, friendly personality" Now I may be the exception, especially since it was a small event, but tend to be an introvert. Not unfriendly, but introverted. I think that I did a good job, at least I hope so, and I enjoyed the experience, So I found the description a little off-putting. I hope to be a volunteer again, and I am not picky about what I do for FIRST, I just love FIRST, This kind of made me feel like I would not be wanted as a volunteer... Is that what you hoped to accomplish?

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