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Stop Build Day and Shakespeare

Feb 23, 2016 Written by Frank Merrick.


What goes better with Stop Build Day than a little Shakespeare? You already know the answer: exactly nothing. Nothing goes better, and that's a true fact.

The scene is Macbeth's castle at Dunsinane, and Macbeth is preparing for a battle that will determine the fate of his kingdom. Speaking to his troops, he says

Hang out our banners on the outward walls.

The cry is still “They come!” Our castle’s strength

Will laugh a siege to scorn. 


From all of us at FIRST HQ, good luck to you as you get ready to bag your robot, and hopefully when you get to your competitions you too can look forward to 'laughing a siege to scorn'!


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We might have met them dareful, beard to beard,
And beat them backward home.

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