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I Got Mine and You Can Unbag Yours

Apr 24, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



I Got Mine


2018 FIRST Championship Houston Frank with his pizza

I don’t know much, but I know pie. Yesterday I got some of the tastiest pizza I’ve ever had, a classic Detroit square pizza, at Niki’s Pizza downtown. Earlier this week, I had another fantastic meal at Johnny Noodle King. The food here so far has been wonderful!

Setup is coming along nicely at FIRST Championship Detroit and we can’t wait to welcome teams to this great city!


You Can Unbag Yours

Once again, to expedite robot inspections, you won’t need to wait for an inspector to check your lock-up forms before you unbag your robot in Detroit. Once you get to your robot here, you can unbag and start work immediately. Remember to focus on getting through inspection first, please!


See you tomorrow!


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Frank, if you'd like to try the best Deep Dish Pizza you've ever had, try "PizzaPapalis" in Greektown. It's so good (and so deep) it borders on the absurd. I've been meaning to go back for years but haven't been in town, glad I'll finally have the chance again this week. =)

Immediately unbagging and getting the robot inspected was huge in Houston. Really helped us as inspectors to get thru our 67 teams by the end of Wednesday. Thanks for being practical and making smart changes to improve the team's experiences.

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