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FIRST TV Episode and New DLC Pack

Nov 09, 2018 Written by Frank Merrick.



FIRST TV Episode

We’ve got a significant change coming to the FIRST Robotics Competition Season in 2020. Tune in to our Twitch Channel on Tuesday, November 13 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time to hear all about it. Jamee Luce, FIRST Robotics Competition Team Advocate, will be hosting, and I will be the guest. This announcement is guaranteed to set the community buzzing; please join us!


New DLC Pack

We’ve just released a great new DLC pack for the upcoming Destination: Deep Space season. Check it out here!



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What’s the game played on 

Hi Jacob!

Our games have been played on several different surfaces over the years, but usually we play on carpet. The exact surface for the 2019 game will be revealed at Kickoff on Saturday, January 5, 2019.



Our pits that most teams bring the Worlds are 10X the size and logistical challenge than the robot. The robot would be just one more cart for a team to pull in. Crating, shipping, storing, and staging these machines adds way more complexity to the event. Just the manpower and space that could be eliminated by removing the crate and ship requirement completely would be substantial, and could potentially speed up the process for those teams that have no choice but to ship.  

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