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Use Action Verbs on Your Resume!

Feb 15, 2019 Written by Ilene Rein, Pounding Pavement 101

Your resume acts as a writing sample to the employer/recruiter. It is the type of work that you would do for the company. This is why I do not believe in writing the resume for people.  It needs to be in your voice. It is okay to ask for assistance, but at the end of the day it needs to be your work. If you get the job and your writing does not reflect the level of writing in your resume, guess what, you are not going to last very long at that job.

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Rob Fyfe 

Feb 15, 2019 Written by Rob Fyfe, Bechtel Engineer; FIRST Alumnus, Mentor & Referee


FIRST Alum Spotlight: Michael Hodson

Feb 07, 2019 Written by Michael Hodson, FIRST Alum

I create innovative automated solutions as a software developer.

Want to attend the 2019 NSBE Convention!? Qualcomm can help!

Feb 06, 2019 Written by FIRST Strategic Partner, Qualcomm

Qualcomm is accepting applications from FIRST Alumni who are interested in attending the NSBE Conference March 27-31st in Detroit, MI. This opportunity includes conference registration, hotel accommodations for the conference, and travel airfare!

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Rose Lam 

Jan 30, 2019 Written by Rose Lam, FIRST Alum

FIRST Alum Reflects on Her Nine-Year FIRST Journey

FIRST Alumni Spotlight: Connor Tinker 

Jan 24, 2019 Written by Connor Tinker FIRST Alum, Volunteer, and Mentor

Connor credits FIRST and his team mentors with encouraging him to never stop learning.

Do I put my FIRST Projects on my Resume?

Jan 10, 2019 Written by Ilene Rein, Pounding Pavement 101

Whatever your FIRST experience is it is ALL applicable to a work environment.

Calling all Innovative FIRST Alumni: Submit your proposals now

Jan 09, 2019 Written by FIRST Global Innovation Award Staff

Inspire FIRST LEGO League teams with your innovation story by giving a workshop at the Ninth Annual FIRST LEGO League Global Innovation Award event in June 2019.

FIRST Alum Spotlight: David Gomez

Jan 02, 2019 Written by David Gomez, FIRST Alumni

I learned what it takes to be a successful engineer through FIRST

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Amanda and Robert Stephenson 

Nov 26, 2018 Written by Amanda and Robert Stephenson, FIRST Alumni

For Amanda and Rob, FIRST is a family affair.