2022-2023 FIRST Team Registration Pricing

Mar 21, 2022 By Chris Rake, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer




As our teams finish up their build and competition seasons and celebrate their accomplishments through FIRST® events around the world, we are preparing to launch a new, energizing season of FIRST later this year. We are very excited about where our global community and programs are headed and want to ensure that we position ourselves to build for the future – one where every kid has access to FIRST programs to realize their full potential as innovators, leaders, and changemakers.

Like many organizations recovering from the pandemic, FIRST is not immune to the reality of inflationary pressure, including rising costs (e.g., materials, electronics, events, and logistics) throughout our ecosystem, which has left us with no choice but to adjust our registration fees for the upcoming year. Except for increases due to expansion of the FIRST LEGO League Explore offering, this is the first increase to team registration fees collected by FIRST Headquarters in well over a decade.

For schools and after-school service providers, FIRST remains a high-value, high-impact offering when compared with other after-school activities, programs, and traditional sports – especially on a per-student basis.

We believe deeply that STEM is for everyone, which is why we invest heavily in areas that will help us make our programs more accessible and inclusive to underserved communities and will continue to work closely with our generous donors and sponsors to provide assistance, including team grants, in-kind contributions and fundraising support.

The 2022-2023 FIRST Team Registration Fees* are as follows:

  • FIRST® LEGO® League Explore (US & Canada only): $125 (increase of $26)
  • FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge (US & Canada only): $250 (increase of $25)
  • FIRST® Tech Challenge (US & Canada only): $295 (increase of $20)
  • FIRST® Robotics Competition (Global): $6,000 for all teams (increase of $1,000 for veteran teams)
    • The 2022 price decrease to $3,000 for additional regional events remains in effect. If you have questions about additional district event pricing, contact your district organization.
    • Rookie team pricing remains the same at $6,000 with new teams receiving additional materials to get up and running.

*Prices in USD. See the 2022-2023 FIRST Team Registration Pricing FAQ for changes to additional product pricing offered through the FIRST Dashboard. For registration and product costs outside of the regions noted, please contact your local FIRST Program Delivery Partner.

I am proud of FIRST, and the FIRST community. Since FIRST was founded in 1989, we’ve reached more than 2.5 million young people with our impact-proven programs through their schools and communities around the world. This adjustment will help us continue to create and deliver innovative programs and events while investing in strategic initiatives and the ecosystem that allows us to prepare young people – and our entire global robotics community – for the future.

Read the 2022-2023 FIRST Team Registration Pricing FAQ

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